Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kiwi Deb

It's always a pleasure to be able to meet other bloggers, you know, the person behind the words. We had met before when she (along with Mistress Scooterpie) came over to Vancouver last January to visit the Motorcycle Show in Abbotsford. It was a wirlwind affair and there was no time to pause for nourishment. Last Saturday she managed to make an appearance on the Causeway, across from the Empress Hotel on Government Street

Kiwi Deb on her Suzuki DR200 dual sport

I couldn't see through her helmet, but I did recognize her bike


She came with her friend Brian who rides a touring BMW with large side cases


It was just a quick stop for her to say hello and look at some of the bikes & scooters. Here she is fiddling with her travelling mascot


With camera in hand she is gathering material for future blog posts, I'm sure. After Mistress Scooterpie arrived, Kiwi Deb & Brian left for northern points unknown. It was a shame that we didn't get a chance to socialize, so I asked if she would be available on Sunday for breakfast before we left for home

and here she is arriving at the Restaurant. She finally found us after a bit of confusion with addresses


the weather had gone downhill a bit from yesterday. It was drizzling a bit and overcast


There, that's better. I asked her to flip her visor so we could see her face . Luckily we came early and managed to snag a great window view

Deb, Carol & Andrew

I have known Carol & Andrew for a few years and it was my intention to introduce them to Deb, after all, they are part of the local scooter group and they meet often for coffee and organize group rides in the Victoria area

Andrew & Carol: Family portrait time

I asked Andrew & Carol to pose for a family photo, and they did. I'm a sucker for side lit, natural light portraits

I haven't posted any food photos for a while, so here you are . . .

Kiwi Deb ordered this

and I ordered the Seafood Eggs Benedict

Crab & Shrimp covered with hollandaise sauce

We must have talked for about an hour or so, catching up with our lives and soon it was time to go our separate ways


Carol is known for her tiger ears, and tiger tails. While I am saying our goodbyes to Carol & Andrew, I turn around and notice that Kiwi Deb is keeping busy


snapping photos of all the mirrors. I don't know how you could see the road and ride at the same time with all those mirrors staring at you

Kiwi Deb aims her camera in my direction one more time


then she asks if I would like to follow her in search of an old gas station on West Saanich Road. So we are a team of two for a half hour or so whipping up and down the streets and soon we are on the outskirts of town rolling through the twisties on our way north heading towards the Ferry Terminal. After our short gallavant we say our farewells along the side of the road and I continue on my way home.

Kiwi Deb, thank you for your Company . . .


  1. What a lovely profiling, Bob. Hello, Deb. Nice to meet you (through Bob).

    1. Sonja:

      Deb knows Victoria better than me, she took some shortcuts I didn't know about

  2. Cool, not only did you get to meet Kiwi Deb, you got to visit and ride with her too.

    One day we'll get to Victoria too.

    1. Trobairitz:

      My Hero1 froze and I lost my videos. I was going to do a kiwi-deb video, but it didn't record anything. Memory card was not seated correctly. If only I had the Hero2, then the red LED would be blinking, and all the time I thought I was getting great "footage".

      come to Victoria and we'll do some great roads. Yes, the DR200 was in the lead, and the mighty V-strom was following

    2. Aww Bob - thanks for you wonderful blog....Im now famous on Bobs Blog! haha......I really hope Troairitz that you do get to Victoria because Mistress Scooterpie and I have some great rides to take any riding visitors on.
      Hi SonjaM - nice to meet you too. It was a pleasure riding with Bob - he is so entertaining all the time.
      Kiwi Deb

    3. Kiwi Deb:

      too bad you were busy on Saturday, we could have ridden longer. We were chasing Dar all over town. You missed a great Chinese Meal but I think Dar is going to go back soon with their family.

      Too bad Sonja didn't come over, she thought the ferries would be a problem as they seem to always break down on long holiday weekends

  3. Great post! How fun to meet Kiwi Deb. Maybe I'll get out west one day to meet you and other wet coasters. And I love the side-lit photo, too. Looks like a fabulous morning. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kathy:

      We have your invitation to ride your roads following you, and now when you come out to the Wet Coast, you can follow us. I like photos where the light comes from about a 45° angle, this is why you want to use "OFF camera" Flash.

      The morning was iffy, and mid afternoon it rained lots

  4. oh what fun! yay! and nuom nuom.. that food looks delish.. noum noum...

    1. ps, those mirrors are ART! :) lol i love it! definitely a ticket getter for the obstructed view, but fun! :)

    2. Ms M:

      I'm a sucker for Eggs Benedicts. I am predictable, that is my standard order.

      I think that scooter with the mirrors was the one on the ferry. I still don't know how you can see the road with so much distraction

  5. Good looking Eggs Benedict, and I don't think I've ever tried a seafood version. Smoked salmon versions seem to be common around here.

    "Wet coast bob"? When did that happen. I must not be paying too much attention....

    1. Richard:

      Salmon seems so common, and also there different degrees of salmon; well done, smoked so I prefer crab & shrimp, sometimes lobster chunks.

      I'm trying to tweek everything to match, but little changes at a time to be barely noticeable, but you noticed. See, you didn't even notice that my Blog title changed eons ago

    2. The next thing will be Eggs Benedict's all the time site. Every version available in the PNW. Slowly do no one will notice...

    3. Richard:

      I have a story about my favourite food, well, it used to be my favourite food until Mrs Skoot played a trick on me, and now I can barely stand to eat it. This is why when I have a favourite restaurant we don't go there too much so as not to "wear it out". I haven't been to my favourite restaurant in nearly a year just for that reason

  6. Its always great meeting fellow bloggers. I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them and enjoy time laughing and telling stories. All I hold close as good friends now. Putting a face to the words is great! Glad you got to meet and hope you meet again!

  7. Is she in the Canadian equivalent of the witness protection program?

  8. I have been so busy I missed saying Hola to Deb here! Food links great!