Thursday, June 28, 2012

EMS: Essential Motorcycle Services BBQ bike nite

Yesterday there was a break in the weather. The rain finally stopped and the sun came out just in time for our second bike night of the season


Of course I rode my mighty V-strom there and undressed to my shorts and comfortable Crocs© . The first bike night got more or less, rained out, but today there were so many bikes that they were fighting for parking space. I recognize many faces from previous meets, but I only know a handful of names.

Cheri "Blue"

Here's Cheri, she is riding her blue custom painted Concours. This is not her only bike. Many years ago I belonged to a smaller group called and Julia started a girl's riding group known as "The Flying Swan Hot Chicks". They still meet on Tuesday nights and go for rides during the summer. They don't post their rides as they don't want males crashing their scene. They have a discrete way of contacting each other with ride details


Here is BMW's super bike, I wonder who rides this beast which has been slightly modified to produce just over 200 HP ? She is also an integral part of "Free Wheelin" female motorcycle club


Meet Alyson. She is a mean, fast biker and I don't think you could catch her . . .

Like a school Prom, with the guys on one side and the girls on the other, I heard one of the girls mentioned that she just bought that purple Trimph Street Triple 675


Another one of those female riders rode in on her Triumph America, but she just made a deal to buy "exactly" the same colour Triumph Street Triple, so now there will be two of them

I was walking about taking some snapshots and video and I turned around to see someone admiring my V-strom, so I went over and introduced myself


It seems that she owned a 2005 V-strom for 4 years and just bought that 2011 V-strom because she wanted the security of ABS brakes. She doesn't really belong to any riding groups but she has ridden her V-strom all the way down the west coast to California


She has had problems with her Suzuki OEM side cases and wishes she had the ones I have as these are what she had on her previous bike, also they are very small

Hilton, manning the BBQ

For dinner I had a hamburger and a soda for only a $5.00 donation. It was great to see all the people, chat and look at all the bikes


  1. Great photos Bob!

    I think they prove the point I recently made about Triumphs - they make the owner immediately irresistible to the opposite sex. Your actions kinda prove it ;-).

    1. Geoff:

      I think what you are saying is that you are "riding a girl's bike" ? It seems all the female riders are buying them. Have you looked in the mirror lately ? I think what you see is what the girls want, you handsome devil

  2. Where there's bike there's Alyson. She is mighty skilled on the road as well as on the track, and just recently did an IronButt ride on her new Beemer.

    The purple Triumph didn't at all appeal to me when I saw it in the shop, in bright daylight however it looks... pretty in a girlish way that is. I doubt that's a colour meant for the male clientele, except if they are in touch with their feminine essence.

    1. Sonja:

      I don't mind that colour, except it should be a bit brighter, perhaps a bit more pink. I only received one comment about my pink Crocs©, they were probably afraid to ask

  3. Great pics Bobskoot. I like how many reflections you managed to get in that first picture.

    The Street Triple in Imperial Purple is hot. If I could find that damn money tree I'd have one in the garage. I don't think the color is quite as popular with the gents though.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Ya, that's the word. HOT Trobairitz on her HOT Striple. Don't worry about the $$, what happened to that "special" cheque book ? (oh oh, I forgot . . . you have to sell the you know what which is sitting you know where, on consignment first)

      I liked that reflection too. That was a new bike for that rider, he traded his new Triumph Tiger 800 for it as he wanted a cruiser instead. He was afraid to back it up because it weighed over 800 lbs

  4. Bob, That looks like a nice turn out for bike night. I have yet to make it to the bike night down in the cities this season. Maybe in September.

    1. Erik:

      There is usually a good turnout for BBQ bike nights. Lots of familiar faces but it is hard to know who is who, because on the local forum they all use nom-de-plumes (aliases). only 3 weeks from today we will all be in Baker City for dinner together

  5. Bob

    I guess that you are allowed to mingle with (and photograph) all these hot biker chicks because you wear your passport pink Crocs(tm)? I must try this in UK. On second thoughts I'll buy a telephoto lens.

    1. Nikos:

      I like biker chicks . . . and there were a few there that night. I think they make Pink Croc© spray paint. After you put them on you don't even realize what colour they are

  6. Yep, looks like a good bike night turnout.......that BMW Super Motorcycle is quite the machine.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    1. Dom:

      Most of the Sportbike crowd are much younger but I do know a few of the older ones. I'm not sure I want a powerful machine, I may get carried away with the throttle or take chances. I thought about this before I settled on my DL650, which is enough for me

  7. Nice turnout for bike night. And, I think that the purple and black Triumph looks pretty nice.

    1. Richard:

      I don't mind that colour either but I think something more touring oriented would be better for me. I thought Suzuki would have upgraded their V-strom by now. Perhaps it would be good as a second bike or "spare"

  8. Dear Mr. Scoot,

    You show the RR and the woman, but only the woman and not the Connie? I'm devastated. There are only so many on the road. I'll bet it was farkled all to hell, too. Maybe that's just a guy thing. I've got a list as long as my you-know-what (oddly it keeps changing size) for add-ons to my bike. I'd be curious to see the lady's take on the connie scene.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

    1. Brady:

      OK, I know what you want, so from now on I'm taking photos of every Concours I see. Cheri loves the colour blue, she also has another kawi which has been made to look like an old Indian. She said she wanted another bike with more power & for touring. I have her bike on the upcoming video. It is all BLUE, you can't miss it

  9. Bob

    I think it is the pink crocs that are your ticket to chickdom. Whenever you come over to the Island again, I will get all the girls I ride with together and we will go tootling. I started a group and we are 47 strong now, we are called the Moto Mama's. Last Wednesday was our first large ride and 9 of us rode around the peninsula.

    Great pictures, it is so cool to see the diversity of bikes that women ride. I think I need to hop a ferry on my lovely shadow and go to a bike night.

    1. Dar:

      You are the BEST !!!!!!!

      I am overwhelmed. I can't wait. Imagine 47 female riders with lil' ole me smack dab in the centre. Pinch me again so I know I'm not dreaming

  10. 47 female riders!?! I want to come!

    Great pics, Bob. I, too, missed seeing the painted Concours, though.