Thursday, December 13, 2012

High Water - Part Two

This is a continuation from Part One HERE, a medley of photos to show you the high water levels in the South Richmond/Steveston area.   I have posted photos of Finn Slough before but since my photo host (webshots) shut down their server on December 1st, all of my images have been deleted so I cannot refer you to my previous posts.

Near Britannia Heritage Shipyard, Richmond, BC

Finn Slough surge channel, Fraser River

Finn Slough

I come here often as there are so many things to photograph

I do not believe these homes have indoor plumbing so I would be careful about "touching" the water

Gary recently made a comment and he has some photos here, taken when the water levels were much lower.  Take a look at his photo #7

While this originally started out as a community of squatters

some value their privacy, and we are told to keep out, even though they are living off the land, most likely rent free

I have never seen the water this high before.

Be careful where you walk, the bridge is slippery

and you don't get slivers with shoes on


  1. Love the atmosphere at Finn Slough, squatters or not it has something from the past, or for lack of better words something that is timeless. Great set of pictures, Bob.

    1. Sonja:

      I like it down there too. I have been on the other side of the foot bridge and spoken to some of the residents. They are approachable and non-confrontational. I've seen Muskrats in the river. I have never been to the Bayous in southern USA but I imagine this place may look like it belongs there. Many photography clubs come down here

  2. Thanks much for sharing this incredible place Bob. Normally comforted being this close to water, your photos make it easy for me to be drawn towards higher ground. Is the expectation for water levels to recede sometime soon?

    1. Coop:

      We do get high water certain times of the year, and most residents don't seem that concerned but this is the way it will be with global warming. Richmond is surrounded by a Dyke system and it is right at sea level. It would sink (liquify) during any earthquake and disappear. Access to Richmond (located on Lulu Island) is either by Tunnel or bridges, so they would be "cut off" in a disaster

      We don't have to worry as we live on high ground in the middle of the city

  3. What an interesting area. Good for photos!

    Nice photos. I can feel the day.

    1. Martha:

      I know I have posted photos from here before, but this time I brought my 10-20mm UWA lens. With the backlight I had to -1+ EV, besides my older photos have been deleted by the Webshots fiasco. Most of the time I just use my pocket camera, but like you, this time I brought out the "big Guns", my Canon dSLR. It was a nice day but a bit chilly, we have damp cold here, not the dry cold you have.

  4. Beautiful pictures Bob.

    I really like how dark the first one is, but there are too many great ones to pick a favorite.

    1. Trobairitz:

      thank you for your compliments. These were straight out of the camera, no software magic, otherwise I could have tweaked them a bit, or done a "curves & levels" adjustment. I think you have a Photoshop Elements in that dual software pack you got a while ago.

  5. What a wild place. Powerful too.... It got you to wear shoes....
    Can we put this on places to visit for when I scooter out there?
    It should be soon because Lori is checking on motorcycle-scooter trailer hitches. Then, when you leave here, we can hook up - literally, and I can get to see your neck of the woods.
    Now, all I need do I figure out how to get home.
    Think Trobairitz would be interested in seeing Maine?

    1. Mike:

      Other than for riding, do I need to bring shoes to Maine ? They do take a lot of room. Do you mean Lori is willing to "pull" you behind on the way to the Left Coast ? If you come out here, you may not want to go home but you should do it now while you can. That's what I'm trying to do.

      Just think . . . Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Has a nice ring to it

  6. Very interesting place to live, they must be a speical kind of folk. Water and weathered wood - always interesting to photograph.