Sunday, December 28, 2014

29 December - Scooter Bob visits Wilsons Promontory - Another adventure "Down Under"

With the Christmas festivities behind us I thought it was time for my final trip showing Scooter Bob some of my favourite local riding destinations. The plan for today was to visit Tidal River which is a holiday destination located in the Wilsons Prom National Park. Wilsons Prom is a beautiful rugged, mountainous national park which is a huge attraction for hikers and campers particularly during the holiday season. The very tip of the Prom is also the most southerly part of the Australian mainland. The weather bureau forecast possible showers later in the day but when we left at about 10:30 all looked well.

The area abounds with wildlife and there are lots of signs asking drivers to take care to avoid the locals by driving/riding slowly. Scooter Bob observed some traffic signs which are unique to Australia.

The road to tidal river is very scenic and provides lots of views of the ocean. We stopped at this one to observe the rugged Wilsons Prom terrain and some of the off-shore islands.

We reached Tidal River at about 1 pm and found the place packed with caravans and tents and campers enjoying the summer holiday. Lunch plans were quickly abandoned when I realised it would take a long time to get served, so down to take a quick look at the Tidal River Beach. 

Not a lot of people at the beach because the weather had started to cool and when I looked at the sky towards home there was some ominous cloud activity there. We had no sooner started the return journey when the first raindrops hit so a quick stop to don the wet weather gear. Good decision because within 15 minutes or so we were riding through steady rain and quite gusty winds. This was the pattern for the whole return trip and it was good to get home around 4pm.

Well, it is time for Scooter Bob to travel to his next adventure down under and tomorrow I will be checking him and his little black travel case at the post office. I'm sure the little scooter will visit many more interesting locations in Australia so keeping checking here for future Scooter Bob reports from Australia.

Total Distance Today 320 km

Contributed by guest blogger Theo van der Meulen


  1. Excellent photos Theo, I have been to tidal river once a long time ago. It was a very pretty part of Victoria. I'd much like to visit it again one day. The christmas crowds can ruin the atmosphere of these little villages.

  2. nice shots, especially the last one.

    1. The second animal on the sign is a wombat, which is a marsupial animal which burrows in the ground. The emerge at dusk and are very solidly built, and hitting one is disastrous for human and wombat alike.

  3. Awesome pictures. I like the unique road signs shot very much, but the last one... picture perfect! Thank you, Theo.

  4. I sure do miss you Bob! Thanks for the post :)

  5. Theo you outdid yourself with those photos, really nice.

    Bob's family is following the goings on and they are comforted by the recognition Bob earned.

  6. As others have mentioned, great photos! Had to take a moment though to reconcile "summer holiday" with Christmas, but I expect I could get used to it pretty quickly. Cheers.

  7. Pretty cool photos! And I also especially like the last photo.

  8. Stunning pics! I'm sure ScooterBob had a blast.

  9. A wonderful series of posts Theo, I'm sure Bob would have been delighted and hope that Yvonne and family are drawing some comfort from everyone's posts. Looking forward to ScooterBob arriving in NZ in due course!

  10. Gosh, really sad to learn about Bob, he kept in touch even though I stopped my blog for a time, last e-mail to me from Bob was October, really sad, he always had a kind word with a laugh and a joke, he"ll be missed!!