Thursday, June 4, 2015

Love one another

I have lived in Coventry for just over six months.

A lot of it was flattened in the war. Rather more of it was flattened in the 1970s in the name of progress. As a consequence it's not one of our more beautiful cities.

But it does have Motofest, a massive celebration of all things petrol, and an expression of love for the  city. Love in the shape of high-octane fuel and burning rubber!

Sadly, I was working at the weekend and missed most of it. Bob and I got home in time to go to Coventry cathedral for an evening service of thanksgiving for the festival and for Coventry.

I don't know Bob's views on religion and I hope taking him to a cathedral wasn't inappropriate.

Coventry has two cathedrals, a medieval one which was destroyed by bombs, and now stands as a garden of remembrance, and a modern building designed in the 1950s. The cathedral community works to build peace in the world and is a centre of reconciliation.

Motofest brought people together to celebrate some of the amazing cars (and bikes) built in Coventry.

Bob's travels, sometimes from hand to hand and sometimes with a bit of help from the postie, bring us together as friends. What a wonderful way to increase the peace in the world.


  1. Highwaylass, Bob's memory IS a great way to promote friendship and peace. A small step, but none the less a positive step toward bringing the world together.

  2. Sheila, what a wonderful sentiment. Bob's spirit is very strong and is a force that drew, and continues to draw many, many people in an incredibly positive way.

    I remember Bob's very solemn and touching post on his visit to Nanking. He would have been drawn to Coventry in the same way, of that I am positive.

    Which begs the question, whose idea was it to visit the garden of remembrance?

  3. What a wonderful post. Isn't it great how we are all connected through Bob?

  4. Coventry? I'm speechless....

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  6. I hope this is not the end of Bob's travels as I know he would love to see more.

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