Friday, September 29, 2017

ScooterBob Goes Vintage in Victoria

Every summer during riding season in Victoria there are vintage motorcycle shows.
ScooterBob and I went to check out Andy's  Classic ad vintage Motorcycle show & Swap meet.

Scooterbob made some acquaintences of some of the Farkle Garage Crew's vintage bikes, This belongs to Farkle Garage Host Steve Drane.

The bikes at the show span several decades.  Every brand, make and model.  Once a bike lover always a bike lover.  The bikes at this show are ridden by their owners and many have been restored and some still show the rusty patina of age.  
ScooterBob also met Comrade Chang, a vintage ural who belongs to Farkle Garage's other host Clive Brown.  

ScooterBob was itching to be beside this beautiful old Indian.  

Basking in the sun!
ScooterBob was admiring this beautiful old BSA

It was a great day in the sun checking out all the old bikes!  


  1. Great post, Dar. I'm sure SB enjoyed the old bikes. Good job on all the pics.

  2. I am sure Bob would have liked this. Sun and blue skies... I am Missing Summer already...

  3. There's something special about strolling about among vintage machines on a grassy meadow on a sunny day. Totally relaxing. You captured that very nicely.

  4. A nice day out Dar. I am sure Bob would have loved wandering around the old bikes.

  5. I liked all the pics of SB and vintage motorcycles. Chang, is a Chiang-Jang? A chinese knockoff of a Ural which itself is a knockoff of a BMW?