Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Scooterbob has come out of winter hibernation!

ScooterBob at Esquimalt Lagoon, we just happened to look down and found the heart shaped rock!
Last summer when I received ScooterBob it was high summer, and I was busy teaching, and  off on some riding vacation jaunts where there wasn't a lot of space to carry SB along.  I also was struggling a little bit with the emotions of it all.  So to that end ScooterBob has been hibernating the winter away beside my helmet in my cozy basement, but I could hear stirrings downstairs and it was SB saying "Hey I want to go on adventures!" 

Off we went to Esquimalt Lagoon, Colwood, BC, Canada, with pink crocs in toe :)
There are some amazing beach art sculptures popping up along the beach, each  made with driftwood and goodies found on the beach.
I was so lucky last night, I happened upon the artist Paul Lewis. he was building another creation.  He was so gracious and we chatted a bit.  There are several of his pieces of art adorning the beach.  ScooterBob and I checked them out!

I love the raven, ScooterBob posing in the nest in with the eggs.

                                                           Blue Heron
Esquimalt Lagoon is a bird sanctuary and it is teeming with blue heron, trumpeter swans, Canadian geese, eagles, and of course everyone's favourite the flying poop machine - seagulls.
                  Trumpeter swan
Enjoying the view out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca towards Port Angeles in the waning sunshine approaching twilight.
The majestic bald eagle.
Canadian Goose
The incredible raven
The flying poop machine aka seagull - Most Victorian's have a love-hate relationship with seagulls.
Hanging out with the eagle
Hitching a ride with the Trumpeter Swan
Nesting with the Canadian Goose
Our last shot of the evening was back in the wee bit of sunshine left at the Blue Heron nest.
ScooterBob will be going on a few more adventures. 


  1. Look who's (what's) out of the basement. Welcome back to the outside world, Scooterbob.
    Dar, Esquimalt Lagoon has always been one of my favourite places on the island. Thanks for the memories (and the pink crocs...).

  2. Nice to see the skoot out and about again.

  3. I was wondering where it was hiding these days. Nice to see more exploring!

  4. The little scooter that could is still roaming around.
    When will he be heading home to Eyvonne and family?

    1. I'm going to take him on a few more adventures yet. I really didn't get much of a chance when I got him, my schedule was a little crazy and then winter hit. So keep an eye out.

  5. Dar,
    First of all, yes, so nice to see Skoot out again. Love the sculptures, pure fun!!

  6. Those sculptures really capture the wonder of our western shores. A very fitting tribute.

  7. Awesome stuff Dar. Bobskoot would have loved those sculptures.

  8. Nice to catch up and great photos!