Monday, April 14, 2008

Caging it on a Sunday

Over the years we had established that Sunday would be family day, so no scooting today. I am more or less free every other day of the week to enjoy life on 2 wheels, but NOT on Sunday, unless of course it is a pre-planned day to a planned scooter event. In the post yesterday a small group of us, led by Reverend, Robert went across the Border in an attempt to view the Tulip fields in the LaConner area. LaConner is a small, seaside town south of Bellingham and connected by the famous Chuckanut Drive. Many things conspired to keep us away from the tulips. First thelong border line up ate up our valuable time, and also some of us had to return to Vancouver; one for a birthday party and another for a late meeting. And another one of us does not have the full motorcycle endorsement yet and was restricted to riding during daylight hours only, which means getting home before dark (or your scoot will turn into a pumpkin). So while we went with the expectation of seeing tulips, we didn't.

But on our local ride on Sunday, we did
This was in White Rock, BC just before you step onto the pier

there were tulips everywhere

There were even tulips covering the parking sign

Next time we should arrange a scooter ride to the Bradner area, which is the tulip capital of BC. We drove out to the (Fraser) Valley and travelled on a lot of backroads and everywhere we went there were tulip fields and tulips for sale.

It was such a nice warm day, actually warm in the sun but cool in the shade type of day. The forecast was for scattered showers but we didn't see any. It was just a day to aimlessly roam around the countryside but I decided that perhaps it would be better to enjoy the outdoors and we ended up in White Rock for an hour or two.

Not a lot to say today, that pictures can't convey. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The White Rock Pier

It's longer than you think. There is a sailing club moored at the end, a long walk to bring your supplies



Kayakers also enjoying a day on the water

The seagulls are also enjoying the day, with the whole beach to themselves

It was a great spring day

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