Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tulips in LaConner, WA

Well, during the past few weeks the weather has been very un-cooperative, mainly rain and not really conducive for scooter riding, at least pleasurable scooter riding. Robert (the Reverend) had a yearning desire to see the Tulips down in LaConner, WA so months ago he posted a scooter ride for 12 April 2008. He is a very busy Reverend and this was the only day that he had available. All week we had monsoon weather and it really didn't seem like the weather was going to clear up in time for the weekend. Later in the week the forecast changed and Saturday looked like it was going to be the warmest day of the year. Now it was time to get my email working and some friends from the SOB's in Bellingham interested to join up with our group. Oh, SOB's are the Scooters Of Bellingham whom we met last year during the Hamster Run II.

here we are at our meet up departing point in New Westminster
at the church, New Westminster, bC

And here is our group leader; Robert, the Reverend

We finally made it to the border, but got stalled in a very long line up. You can't even see the end of the line


You still can't see the front of the line, we around a mile back
border Line up, Douglas border crossing

We had to wait around 2-1/2 Hours to actually cross. It doesn't really seem that they are trying to promote free trade between our countries, or hire more staff to make the lines go through faster. Recently I ready somewhere that for all the security checks they do; at airports, border crossings, bus terminals, checking transport trucks they have not really captured any terrorists. It's just a costly excercise in frustration, long line ups that really don't accomplish anything

As mentioned, Todd & Dorcie (SOB's from Bellingham) agreed to meet up with us and take us to Fairhaven on some scenic backroads. We jointed them at the new Birch Bay Square (coffee shop), and followed Portal Way south to Ferndale, then some neat roads which zig zagged from farmlands to rolling hills, along Bellingham Harbour and eventually made it to Fairhaven and we parked our scoots in front of Chispa


And here's a shot of Todd, who was kind enough to meet up with us and lead us into Bellingham

Here are all the scoots lined up in Fairhaven (Bellingham, WA)

Hope no one notices that we are parked in a Yellow Zone



We are preparing for departure and start our approach towards Chuckanut Drive

It was a great day to be scooting in the Pacific North West. It was a sunny, warm -summer-like day. What more could you ask for ? Good weather, good friends, good roads and riding your scooter

Oh, Oh . . . almost forgot, never made it to LaConner, perhaps another day . . .

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