Thursday, June 19, 2008

Motorcycles, esp BMW's

Still on the road. When we planned our trip to Oregon last month we tried to obtain hotel reservations at JOHN DAY, Oregon and were told that the hotel was fully booked that weekend for one reason or another (couldn't remember). So on our travels through the Hell's Canyon area on our way to our alternate hotel in Mt Vernon, Oregon, we had to pass through John Day and found this:


the BMW Riders of Oregon were sponsoring their Chief Joseph Rally. I must tell you that we saw so many bikes everywhere and coming from all directions. While most bikes were Beemers, many of their friends came on other brands. At our Hotel I met 3 riders from Washington. Two were on beemers, but Al was on his '07 Suzuki Bandit 1250. We talked bikes for a while then went here:


Yes the owner/operater had a Harley 883 parked in front of his tavern.


I don't know all the details but the red R600 now has a 800cc engine, and the 1200 RT is parked in front, and that's the Bandit 1250 on the left.


It is a camping rally and some of the riders arrived a day early. The main events actually started this morning. I believe they are bringing BMW bikes for demo rides and I was told that there would be a few vendors there too selling bike accessories.

While we were having breakfast I met two other riders. One actually rode in from Florida and he met his friend who was from Boulder, Colorado. They told me that they expected 800 bikes there this weekend.

I sure wished that I had my bike with me on this trip (sigh)

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