Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yakima Canyon, Washington

On the road today. Left Vancouver early morning. While we prefer backroads and secondary highways we had to make time and get to Oregon. I-5, I-90, I-82, SR831, SR730, hwy395 so many roads, but the best road today was SR831 which is the 20 or so miles through Yakima Canyon.


There are two roads into Yakima; the main highway which is a very long uphill battle, or the scenic way which carves through a picturesque canyon. You enter through Ellensburg, starts as Canyon Road.


Lots of things to take photos of, but no safe place to pull over. It is a great motorcycle road, lots of twisties, great scenery and lots of bikes out.


I was really thinking how great it would have been to have my Bike or Scooter here today.

Here is a recap of the day

Excuse the video quality. There was no option to pull over. If I can't pull off the road in a safe manner then we just continue on. A picture just isn't worth compromising your safety.

We made it to Hermiston, Oregon and tomorrow we should be in the Hell's Canyon area. The weather is hot (for us anyway), temps were 88 F and dry. Should be hotter tomorrow. We are in a desert area. The terrain looks like Lillooet, Cache Creek no trees, just rolling hills, sage brush and brown. Hell's Canyon is in a wilderness area, over 200 miles of limited services and gas. We shall provision ourselves accordingly before we enter the 'loop'. The loop starts at La Grande and eventually comes out at Baker, OR. We are going to make Enterprise our base for a couple of days.

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