Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buy Now

It looks like the spiraling economy has now affected the scooter market. There have been virtually NO sales during the past couple of months. It's like a line has been drawn in the sand and no buyers are stepping forward. I thought that scooters were a solution to the ever decreasing supply of oil and gas, but with the decline of gasoline prices many are going back to their old ways and to their SUVs.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any scooter dealer, make no commissions from their sale, nor have I been paid to promote their products, nor have I received any gratuities for their promotion. That said . . . here is what I saw on the weekend

SYM RV250 (cdn$4,495. = us$3,600.)

Yes, that is for a brand new SYM RV250 right off the dealer's showroom floor. They would rather sell them than hold onto them until next spring.

Hyosung Rally 50 (cdn$1,495.= us$1,200.)

SYM Mio50 (cdn$1,995.= us$1,600.)

I forgot to take a picture of the CMI Rattler 50 which was on sale for cdn$995. At these prices why buy used.

Vespa "S" 150 (cdn$3,495. = us$2,800.)

It's a buyer's market and no one is buying.

I was speaking to another dealer and arranging for scooter financing is going to be difficult next year as some financing companies have pulled out of Western Canada. Prospective purchasers will have to arrange for their own financing, or pay cash. Dealers may not order scooters for their stock unless they have a guaranteed sale. It's going to be hard to say what happens until it happens. All I can say is that we are living in interesting times.

We have been getting very wet weather all week but today it cleared up and the sun made an appearance.


We travelled on River Road on the section from New Westminster towards Richmond. The road winds along the Fraser River and it is one of my favourite routes back to town. Much more relaxing than taking the freeway. It was nearing sunset late in the afternoon and mist was forming on the water's surface. I just had to take a few photos.


This is the time of year that you have to be careful as when the warm air mixes with the cooler air, a mist or fog develops which makes it hard for others to see you.


Richmond is at or near sea level and is protected on all sides by Dykes. This is Delta land, land formed by the sediment that has been washed south by the mighty Fraser River, and is very susceptible to flooding. Homes built in this area do not have basements due to the high water table. There are some homes built along the Dyke, along with a few boat yards and fishing vessels


And I believe, for the right price you will be able to buy this "fixer-upper"


  1. I'm feeling the effect in my efforts to sell Sophie. When you compare her mileage to the average bike, she's a million miler. I've had her advertised for weeks with only a couple of calls.

    Now, if only I had some cash I'd go pick up some bargains!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Dan:

    Novel Idea: sell a few "shares" in Sophie, enough to pay what she is worth, say perhaps . . . 26 of us sort of like a time share. This will let us have use of your bike for 2 weeks a year. Divy up the maintenance and insurance costs and also divide by 26 persons. Now you have a one time charge of 1/26th for the Capital cost, and a recurring yearly expense of 1/26th of the cost. You keep and ride her like your own and all of us from around the country will be able to book our "2 week" period for excursions in your area. Did you know that Oregon has the best roads in the country ? Better yet - only sell 15 shares.

  3. With the winter weather, the poor economic situation, and gas prices down to below $2.00per gallon (in the Seattle area), the scooter/motorcycle retailers are probably feeling quite a pinch.

  4. It's more than just the cheaper gas in the US and the evaporation of credit. Hundreds of thousands of people are worried if they will still have jobs in the next few months. No body will part with $3 grand (USD) for a discretionary purchase item, when groceries are hanging in the balance.

    Fondest Regards,
    Twisted Roads