Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ritzville, Wa

The weather here in Vancouver has been very cool with temperatures hovering above and below freezing. Often there is Frost on the roads when I leave for work at 7am and YES, it is still dark. The forecast is for wet snow this coming weekend as a cold front from Alaska is making its way down from the North. I have been using the scoot for running errands but not much joyriding this time of year. Often during the non riding season we have thoughts of trips and places we have been during warmer times. We had decided to take a trip into the Palouse . . .


Miles and miles of parched farmland, long sweeping curves and rolling hills. Which eventually brought us to Ritzville, WA

View from our hotel (Ritzville, Wa)

When we were planning our trip we thought that Ritzville was just a "dot" on the map. There were a couple of fast food restaurants just off the freeway interchange and little did we know that just a couple of miles away there was a historic town to explore.


We don't know much about the history of this area but it seems like a place that time forgot and eventually someone took control and decided to restore the town. We appear to be on the main street and this old theatre looks like it was recently painted


Of course, being from a large urban area we were really happy to get a good parking spot in the middle of town.


and a view from the other side of the street where we had dinner


There are some majestic homes overlooking the city


and others which have seen better times and are in dire need of attention


Another view of the main street looking South


I couldn't resist taking a photo of the local "street" photographer


Being a photographer myself I can't resist looking at everything photography related. It intrigued me to see that this prop was using an old 4x5 camera

and couldn't resist the opportunity to take a "self portrait"


If you don't mind keeping a secret I hear that Ritzville has a pretty good grocery store too


For some reason we didn't see many people around . We wondered how these stores can keep in business and where their customers come from


Many buildings have already been restored with plaques similar to this posted on their walls outlining their history and significance.


many buildings are also decorated with painted murals


there is also the beauty of the Palouse with many farms along the way


We had wanted to experience the beauty of the Palouse for many years and we finally made it. The sun is setting on another great day


and Washtucna is only 26 miles away . . .


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  1. Looks like New England. Your scooter looks odd too, a bit bloated perhaps.