Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peak2Peak Gondola, Whistler, BC

Again, we find ourselves at Whistler. We came last week to experience the new gondola ride which spans Blackcomb and Whistler mountains. Here is some information gathered from THIS website

"Whistler Blackcomb’s award-winning big mountain experience just got a whole lot bigger! The record-breaking new PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola links together Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains for the first time. Boasting the longest unsupported lift span in the world at 3.024 kilometres (1.88 miles), it’s also the highest lift of its kind at 415 metres / 1,361 feet. Take advantage of incredible deals on winter packages and you’ll be skiing or riding both mountains without ever touching the ground. It takes just 11 minutes to traverse the sky . . ."

(Whistler village)

This is our second trip to Whistler in a mere two weeks. We came to ride the Peak2Peak Gondola but there were technical problems with the cable mechanism so it had to be shut down for the day. The forecast was for another glorious sunny clear day so we decided to "go for it" and return. Being non skiers there is not much to do until the snow melts to reveal the numerous hiking trails.

(Whistler gondola, 1st stage of ascent)

(bird's eye view of "the Village")

The climb up to the Roundhouse Station is done in 2 stages. About half way up there is another transfer station


Yes, we are going all the way up THERE


We finally arrive at the top after a ride of approx half an hour


There are fewer skiers this week as the previous week was the ending of Spring break where there were a lot of students on the mountain

The Peak2Peak gondola building is straight ahead to the left


(Roundhouse station, top of Whistler Mountain)

(first glimpse of the Peak2peak gondola)


This is the longest unsupported lift span in the world, just over 3 kms long

(one of the 2 towers on Whistler Mountain, the other 2 towers are on Blackcomb)



After approx 11 minutes we reach "the other side" over to Blackcomb mountain


(The Rendezvous, top of Blackcomb Mountain)


(Looking down at the "Upper Village", Blackcomb side)

(a closer view, looks like the Plaza Suites on the lower right)

When we purchased our Peak2peak gondola tickets we were told that we could just ride the gondola as many times as we wanted going back and forth to our hearts delight, but we decided to take the chairlift down to the "Upper Village", Blackcomb instead.

(Mid level chairlift transfer station)



We are novices at riding on chairlifts and did not understand the dynamics of getting on and off. We had a little mishap and they had to stop the "lift". They actually discourage non-skiers from taking the chairlifts and prefer that they stay protected on the gondolas. When we were up at the top of the mountain we were speaking to the supervisor and expressed our desire to ride down on the chair and he gave us the "go ahead" to do so.

(Chairlift status = stopped for us to clear the area)

Well, you can check one more item off our "to do" list. It's the first time that we stopped a chair lift.


  1. Dear Bobskoot:

    It cannot be denied that the view from the chairlifts are breathtaking, even though I am only familiar with the older installation on Whistler. Blackcomb is an intersting mountain and makes for a stunning presentation from the road.

    I would have liked to take the ride to Blackcomb Mountain. Then again, I'd really like to ride my bike up there in the spring.

    Great pictures! But I am sick of snow. Some fell here the nught before last and it gave me the willy's.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  2. Stopping a chair lift is a lot worse when you are wearing stupid skis and get out too soon and get stuck. Doing it in Italy where people aren't afraid to show their emotions is enough to put you off snow for life. Which it did.
    Nice place if it had coconuts.

  3. Dear Mr. Skoot:

    Happy Easter. The time will come I am sure when our paths will cross on a great ride, andI hope it is in Key West. We can tear up the town on a royal bender, get arrested, and waste our one phone call each chatting with you-know-who. It would be equally cool if IronDad and Charlie6 showed up too. We could lower the propertry value and then buy some.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  4. Bob,
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Easter.
    I would spend more time on your blog because it is a shear pleaasure to read...but it takes forever to download and I have a super fast need to water down your pics size...nobody wants to spend ages trying to download a quick read...
    Just a suggestion