Thursday, April 30, 2009

Preston's Scooter Commuter, Langley, BC

Last weekend a new scooter dealer invited us to their open house and BBQ.


They recently opened their doors for business and their scooters have finally arrived and sitting on their showroom floor. They carry SYM and PEUGEOT scooters of all sizes from 49cc to 500cc

(SYM RV250 scooters)

The Sym line has earned a very good reputation for reliability


Langley City is about an hour east of Vancouver. I left from Kitsilano after breakfast and headed slowly in their direction making a few stops along the way. The forecast was for scattered showers in the morning and it did "spit" a bit along the way, but by the time I arrived at the Scooter Commuter, the clouds were disipating and the sun was trying to shine through.


Yes, that's my Kymco X500Ri nestled among the 49's. I really wanted to ride my Suzuki SV650 to test out my new windscreen but since it was a scooter event, I decided at the last moment to ride the scoot instead. It's nice to have a choice.


They did a bit of advertising so consequently there were quite a few people expressing interest in these frugal machines and asking questions

I believe that there were two SYM reps there helping out. We tried to make conversation with them but they seemed to be busy running about and preparing the hamburgers and hot dogs. Here they are again working the grill.


Here's the rest of our group from (<--- click LINK)


The scooters were out in full force huddled under their own tents


and here is a row of SYM Mio's

(showroom inside)

I think James found his next ride, nice looking passenger too

(Driver=James and Passenger=Robert, the Reverend)

I think that this is SYM's 3 seater Mio (a new model ?)


Another angle of their showroom


Guess who took turns test riding the SYM RV250?


Did you recoqnize that bearded person right behind James ?

Here's a better shot of them talking to Robert, the Reverend


Why it's SCOOTERDUDE and Mrs Scooterdudette (Diane). Welcome back to the group and see you both on a ride soon. Don't be shy, we really miss you. Time to exercise your B&W250 .

It was a great day for an Open House. Thank you for the food and beverage and meeting all the staff. So many scooters and the Peugeot line is new for Canada. We finally get to see all the new models.

If you are in the market for a scooter, then go to Preston's Scooter Commuter and see Russel or Kenny. They are most helpful people and if you are in the area do drop in for a visit. They are on Logan Avenue, just east of 200th, in other words just around the corner from Preston Chev Olds (200th & the Langley By-pass)


  1. That looks like quite a dealership! They obviously have some money invested in that. Wish we had one like that in our town.

    We only have a handful of dealers here and 2 of them just sell crap scooters. 2 are motorcycle dealers with a few scooters tucked back in the corner of the showroom. The Vespa dealer is run by an idiot that is more interested in selling scooters than servicing and maintaining them. There is only one dealer, in my opinion, that really knows what he is doing and that is where I bought my SYM.

    When I was shopping for a scooter, I had narrowed the choice down to KYMCO and SYM. The KYMCO dealer here was one of the motorcycle shops. The selection was pitiful. I also had decided that the dealer was a very important component of the decision.

    Hope that dealer continues to provide good service and support. I think it can be a tough business to be successful.

  2. What happened to pics of the Peugeots? I liked the look of the Peugeot Geopolis when I saw one here.

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Canadian two-wheeled dealerships could learn a little something from their neighbors to the south when it comes to selling machines. Where were the scantilly-clad lingerie models possing on the scooters? To show you what riding on a scooter will get? Instead there were only pictures of middle-aged reverands strandling pastel-colored mopeds.

    Have you seen the new Aprilla ads? This is thscientific way to sell bikes.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  4. cpa3485:
    That showroom was formerly used by a HD dealership which moved to a new location. It is a very large building which was split in half for another business on the other side. Langley is a hub for all the other motorcycle/scooter makes as well and all the other brands have large retail areas.

    Sorry, there were a lot of 49cc models up to the 500cc Satelis, but being new models I didn't know a lot about them so I didn't wish to describe them wrong. As for the Satelis there was someone sitting on it at the time, so I did the important thing, to get a burger and beverage and never wandered back.

    The lingerie clad dancers were all lined up and ready to strut their stuff, but all the guys were too absorbed with looking at all those powerful 49cc machines and told them to go away to avoid being distracted.

  5. The shockingly slack Canadian lack of ATTGATT made me think of Key West on a cold gloomy winter's day.

  6. Bob, nice post. I wish there were more Sym's in the US - from what I have read they are great bikes, and offer a wide range for all sorts of riders. Nice to see your scoot group as well - looks like a great group of riders!

  7. Conch:
    Most riders in our group wear gear, but usually ditch the riding pants for local rides. It's the new scooterists in the scene who just wear reg clothes (pole dancers excepted:Lance:
    Yes, the SYM's are good bikes but my Kymco dealers hours are more convenient for me, and Kymcos are good too. More from our group would have been there but we did not post our intent on our forum.