Monday, July 19, 2010

Crocs invade Oregon

We left Toppenish early in the morning trying to reach Bend in an urgent manner but we did take a little detour from Shaniko to Antelope on our way to Madras. And as we discovered, Oregon probably has the worst roads in the country. They wind all over the place and go every which direction. Sometimes you are led in the opposite direction and are forced to travel more miles and waste gas, unlike freeways which go straight to your destination on the most direct route.


I think the contractor must have had shares in the asphalt company as a better way would be to just make the road go straight down the hill instead of going back and forth which seems a most inefficient way to transverse the country

We had a great time meeting others in our Blogging community last weekend and we are returning home with unwritten stories to tell, or not . I have a collection of candid photos which may be worth more being sold on eBay one at a time. The netbook I have with me is utilitarian in its capacity and I struggle with the little keyboard. Also I am tired from the early morning starts so we have come to Lincoln City for a couple of days of R&R . We have lucked out with the weather as the sun is shining to welcome our arrival.


The wind has been relentless ever since leaving Corvallis and more than a few times it nearly pushed us over without warning. Soon we let the Crocs out to savour the view of the Yacquina Bridge and breathe in the fresh sea air


Since this was a long trip to Oregon it was decided to bring a companion for Mr Pink Croc . I don't know who was more thrilled, Mr Pink or Ms Yellow

One thing for sure, bloggers have personalities and I was very surprised to hear SonjaM say those familiar words upon viewing this scene from a pull-out just south of Seal Rock on the Oregon coast


From my perspective this was a delightful scene which I wanted to capture with my camera. It looked so inviting, water, sunshine and a small private beach which appeared to be deserted. If we could have climbed down the embankment I think it would have been relaxing to just sit on the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Then SonjaM uttered those immortal words, "There's a shot for Jack rIEPE"

I said, "What do you mean ?"

She must have X-ray eyes, after I squinted I then noticed what she saw, so Jack, this is for you


I know Jack would want a closer view


She is barely noticeable in the previous photo


and NO, she is not a mermaid . Here is the last shot with my lens strained to its limit


By chance we ended up at Nye Beach in Newport. It looks to be a newly constructed area with restaurants and retail shops . That's what happens when you put a novice in the lead and she stumbles into a most delightful area .

We were given the usual Seagull salute upon arrival


We had a very healthy meal. Guess who had which ?


Must be SonjaM's influence. It only took her 4 days to get me off hamburgers, and I feel better already.


  1. Bob, with your lens at maximum range, how come you didn't get camera shake, given the subject of your attentions ;-).

    Must be the technology I guess, rather than you keeping your cool :-)

    Happy journeying to you and Sonja

  2. Dear Bobskoot:

    Well, it appears your trip is shaking out nicely. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that my influence is proving to be as pervasive as it has apparently become. Sonja was very considerate to call that great photgraphic opportunity to your attention. ASnd I am delighted that my interests are foremost in her mind.

    Your meeting with Conchscooter must have been somewhat strange, owing from the remark he left on my last post.. But then again, you're all adults and no farm animals were injured nor embarrassed.

    I'm riding this morning... Fire Balls is headed for the shop (the real one) for scheduled maintenance. (Fluid replacement).

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  3. Guess who had which? That's easy - the plate on the right is yours, as it has more shrimp on it. I liked the tongue-in-cheek complaint about the bendy roads!

  4. If you were a proper riepe acolyte you would have dragged your tired carcas across the rocks and asked her to disrobe in the interests of science. However, sunbathing on volcanic lava formations gives you an idea how rugged the West Coast is and why some people prefer Florida.

  5. From your photos I think you are correct, Oregon look to have the worst roads for Motorcycles. It's to bad you had to be subjected to them... I wish I could have been there to console you. Travel safe.

  6. I'm surprised that Sonja put up with you taking multiple pictures of that gal on the rocks, even if it was her suggestion.
    Looks like you are having a marvelous time and hope that the R&R is good for you. Even if the roads aren't the best, Oregon can be beautiful and desolate almost at the same time.
    Looking forward to more pictures and stories from the blogger meeting, even if they are way candid.
    But don't get lost!

    Premeditated Scootin'

    PS: The self appointed executive committee of the Intl Moto-Bloggers Assoc met last night to review your continued participation in the organization. No conclusion has yet been reached.
    More debate will occur at lunch today.

  7. Dear CPA3485 (Jimbo) Via Bobskoot:

    Real men don't waste time asking permission when forgiveness is guaranteed. (They wouldn't walk around in their underwear if they didn't want you to look.)

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  8. FABULOUS!!! im anxiously awaiting follow up posts of the rally so that i can see what was missed :) oh those roads...

    ps, conchscooter, does that say something about us west coast gals?! ;)

  9. No comment on rugged women lest they beat me up. On the other hand I have nothing even vaguely pornographic with which to counter bobskoot's evident supremacy in the genre. I like irondad's shot of Bob in his riding gear but I think my view will provoke some thought also.

  10. Woohoo - made it to Newport and looks like sunny weather for you guys! Love that twisty road you found out in the desert. Ron and I will have to go find it one of these weekends.

  11. Bob! I love it that you and Sonja went to the journey south! DANG as you know my computer will not load all your pictures...however it did load the first of the twisties...LOVE them...even though they were an all but real thorn in your side...and also the, shall I say, gift for Jack! What a dear you are to make sure there were enough photos just in case one was lost or possibly damaged...hahahahaha!
    Ride on Bob!

  12. Hah, a shot for Jack....good stuff, I must say your camera accounts for "shake" quite well! Or did you use a tripod?