Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SonjaM's extra special day (July 20, 19xx)

After leaving everyone at the IBC2010 in Bend, Oregon on Sunday we (with my riding buddy SonjaM) headed for Lincoln City for a couple of days to relax, ride, take photos, do nothing . . . and we did all of that and more. Eventually it was time to leave and we got a late start. We got tired of leaving before 6am and made the decision that we don't leave early for the rest of our vacation. This would turn out to be a big mistake. This morning after the hotel supplied continental breakfast and waffles we hit the saddle at precisely 9:16am and headed north towards the border. It was a little cool as we had been accustomed to the 100 degree heat of Yakima and Bend and we headed up Hwy 101 . At first the traffic was fairly light and we made good time in the cool 15c air. I was in the lead and the intention was to do the 3 Cape Loop


We had already passed a few photo opps as we do not stop if we are in a dangerous place but I wanted to capture a hilltop view of the beach below from atop a hill. I made SonjaM take the lead and by the time I hit the PTT button on our radio it was too late and she had to turn around. That is why she is pointed in the wrong direction. There was a lot of gravel on this section so caution had to be taken


While SonjaM was not aware at the time, I was headed towards those 3 rocks in the water, at the top of the photo.

Today, SonjaM was in an adventurous and daring mood . She actually wanted to try her F650GS in the sand and go over the hill


I was not so daring. The V-strom is very heavy, esp that it is now loaded down with another 100 lbs in the side cases. I packed everything including the kitchen sink


After she finished playing in the sand we went to the west side of Pacific City and found a newly constructed development by the water where we could pose our bikes for photos.

After a few more twists and turns along the 3 Cape Loop, we had finally arrived.

(Roseanna's Cafe, Oceanside, Oregon)

This is my favourite beachfront hideaway in Oceanside, OR which I had discovered a decade ago when I first landed here


I don't know why she parked her bike so far away. I was sure to wear a new T-shirt as today was Sonja's Birthday and I wanted to look presentable while we had a meal overlooking the ocean, on her special day.

True to form, she ordered a healthy choice while I had the greasy one ladened with extra carbohydrates


We had a very efficient, friendly, helpful hostess and after I mentioned this to her, she came back with a cupcake complete with candle

(Virgina, our server du jour)

Here she is again. Her smile is contagious. If you have a chance come here for a meal and say hello. She offered to take "OUR" picture but I told her she didn't understand. We are not a couple.

(Virgina, behind the counter)

The cupcake was sooo delicious it was soon devoured and there was nothing left, but crumbs. I also snagged a good portion of it, with her permission, of course


Here is the view from the inside


Here is a sample view of the main street

(Oceanside, Oregon)

There is a hotel, on top of the hill


There is a nice sandy beach with few people and we noticed a few surfers in the distance. Notice the 3 rocks ? They are the same ones as in the very first photo.


Sonja, Happy Birthday to You and hope your dreams come true.


  1. Hey, happy Birthday Sonja! hope you had a wonderful day - certainly sounds like it!!

    What a fantastic trip you guys have had, bob!

  2. That is soo lovely bob. And there I was thinking you are a curmudgeon. Nice pictures.

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    Great pictures of a coast I someday hope to ride.... Maybe you'll be the tour guide. In the picture where the three rocks are first depicted, you said you were headed there. I though you meant walking along the beach! ("That ought to be a two-week forced march," I thought.)

    So how did the GS do in the sand? That bike is no welter-weight either. Did you hit the MOA BMW Rally? Did you have any close calls? How did the helmet communication system work? Didyou make any videos? And did you meet Conchscooter? Doing the distance math, I didn't think you did.

    Come on, Bob. You're coming back from an epic! Details... Details!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  4. Looks like a great ride. Happy Birthday Sonja!

  5. A belated Happy Birthday there Sonja!

    Thanks for letting us know bobskoot.

  6. Bob, good to see you and meet SonjaM today. Glad you found someone to provide the birthday cake -:)

  7. I miss you guys already. Wish we could have just rode along. Despite being cooler it looks like you've had some nice weather for the coast. Yay! :)