Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st day of Spring 2011, a walk in the Canyon

The rains stopped, the sun came out and the birds started to chirp. It was Sunday morning, the first day of a new season and there was warmth in the air . Unless there is some 2-wheeled event going on, I don't usually ride on Sundays. Instead we go out for brunch and sometimes a ride into the country to exercise my cameras. Today was no different. We had our brunch and ended up in Capilano Canyon over in North Vancouver

(Chinook Salmon:Sigma 10-22mm UWA EF mount)

There are many trails in this area and it had been a while since I walked to the 2nd viewpoint. There is a parking area near the fish hatchery (No parking charges = FREE)


This facility is located along the banks of the Capilano river and at the bottom of a narrow slot canyon. You take a self guided tour to see the displays and read the posted placards. At the end you come to the tanks where the fishlings are nourished until their release into the open ocean. There are fish ladders for them to bypass the rapids caused by the rushing waters and jagged rocks


At the start of the trail there is an elevated walkway


As it would get very messy having to walk on the muddy ground below . You soon come to a pedestrian bridge


which transverses the Capilano River and brings you to the trail on the west side . It is a mainly flat trail but would be considered a mountain if you compared to the highest point down in KW FL


The trail starts out with a thick canopy and soon you come to what looks like a rain forest with green moss. I would imagine that there is not much sunlight down in the Canyon which keeps the vegetation wet and moist


I like the green moss and it reminds me of my trip to Haida Qwai'i a few years ago


It feels good to get back to nature and enjoy the solitude of being alone with just the trees around you. During the summer the trails are very crowded, today was the exception and I had the place nearly to myself

Before long, we get to the end


There is a double platform with a northward view of the Cleveland Dam straight ahead. I remember a time on a hot summer day when they let excess water down the spillway and there was a heavy cloud of mist. So thick that it was hard to photograph without getting all your camera gear wet. Today it was just a trickle

After we left the park I decided to drive up to the Dam and get the view from up there, looking down at the platform


The flowing water has a hypnotic effect of drawing your eyes and you feel as if you should just jump over and "go with the flow". It reminds me of that Harrison Ford movie "The Fugitive" in the scene where he comes out and has to jump down the dam in order to escape. I tried to get rid of the queasy feeling and stepped back from the cement wall. I don't have a great fear of heights but I am not comfortable when it comes to looking far down from high above.

I mounted my telephoto lens and took this shot of the 2nd viewpoint below, where we were a short time earlier

(Canon EF-s 55-250 is)

Which brings me to my favourite scene of the day

(Capilano Canyon)

With the exception of the 2nd from the last photo, all images were shot with a Sigma UWA 10-22 mm lens


  1. One of my favourite walks, and so close. Vancouver is amazing that way, nature is just around the corner (waiting of course to get you...)

    Let's go out for a ride soon, I am craving distance.

  2. SonjaM:

    never thought you'd ask. Let me know your address in Maui. I am sure we can ride somewhere in local attire, shorts, flops, T-shirt. I can't wait for the warm weather over there. We could probably just rent scooters. I need your credit card number to pay for the airfare, but don't worry, I will pay for the scooter rental

  3. Wow, looks like a wonderful spot to hike and explore. I love dark, woodsy trails. I think our PNW forests are magical places. :)

    Is there a suspension bridge around there? I seem to recall visiting one by that name, but perhaps it's something different. My red headed nephew was bouncing and trying to get the bridge to move until a loud speaker announced for the red-headed boy to stop shaking the bridge. Never seen his eyes get so big.

  4. I like the elevated walkways. Much easier than slipping and sliding through the muck. I can see why it would get crowded in the summer. The place looks wonderful.

  5. Oh, wow. What a gorgeous spot. Thanks for sharing. I love your last shot, too. Gorgeous!

  6. They should provide supplemental oxygen for people not used to altitude. It hasn't rained in Florida for such a long time leaves are drying up and falling off tress giving the palce an autumnal air. All is backwards.

  7. Looks like a great place to photograph, sit and read a book (without the crowds) or just absorb nature. I also really like the last shot.

  8. Very nice shots Bob, I liked the one looking down from the top of the dam best.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  9. Beautiful Bob. I love pictures with moss, we don't have that type of scenery on the east coast :-(

  10. As always Bob, great photos. I think the one of the moss or the last shot is my favorite.

    We may get a lot of rain in the pacific northwest but I think we are spoiled with the best hiking trails and roads to ride.

    One thing I want to do this summer is go up the Columbia Gorge and hike some of the trails by the waterfalls. Haven't done it in years and it makes for great photo opportunities. The vegetation should be the same as your neck of the woods, but there will be lots of tourists.

  11. Very nice shots, Bob! That's a nice Sunday routine you have. I like that last shot too - very peaceful.

  12. BlueKat:

    The Capilano Suspension bridge is farther down but it is for tourists and it costs $$ to get in. The locals go to the FREE Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge which, IMO is better. Narrow gorge with lots of hiking trails.


    they usually install walkways in sensitive areas, also keeps your shoes clean(er)


    Being there was better than a photo. You could just stand there and watch the tranquil water pass by, so peaceful

    Mr Conchscooter:

    we have lots of rain, just come on up and haul it away. I think we get more rain than sun. hope your throat is getting better, can't work with no voice


    It was peaceful & quiet. only the sounds of rushing water.

  13. Charlie6:

    At the top of that Dam, the wall is lower to allow you to look over and snap photos. You are in a hypnotic trans to follow the water over. I had to step back after taking the shot


    we do have areas with lots of moss. Sometimes it is saturated green and great for photos.


    I rode down to the Gorge on my Maxi-scoot and our group went to many of those waterfalls. There are many bike friendly twisties but we were in a group and I wouldn't know how to find them again. I hope you are going to ride there on MAX


    It's a compromise as Ms Skoot doesn't ride and I don't double. I reserve Sunday as "family day" . We have brunch somewhere and drive around and I still get to take photos, only I can carry more equipment in the trunk. We also do shopping errands along the way.

  14. Perfect images for a perfect day. I was wondering about the first shot with the fish and thinking the camera might have been "dropped" again. ;)

    The park is spectacular. And you put 1.2 of your lenses to good use. (You only get 0.2 for the telephoto since you posted one image. hehe)

    Love the moss. The top of the damn is great. The last image is so serene.