Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Farkle & family Sunday

Recently I purchased a farkle for my V-strom, not really needed but I have trouble trying to find the non-existent 7th gear all the time. While I usually stay away from the freeway, I sometimes find myself on it and then I start shifting through the gears to merge with traffic. I lose count of shifts and when I notice the tach around 6,000 rpms I try to shift one more time and there is nothing left. On the VEE, DL1000 there is an OD: Overdrive Light which lets you know you are in 6th. There is no OD light on the DL650 Wee. The only solution was to purchase the GiPro S04 with ATRE.

(HealTech, Gear Indicator: Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator)

It is designed to be a simple plug & play installation and from discussions on various V-strom forums, most intelligent riders can perform this operation in around half an hour, without having to remove the gas tank The digital display is connected to a harness whereby you remove your GPS: Gear Position Sensor and plug it into the harness AND another plug just goes where the GPS sensor used to be. There is one other wire where you connect to any switched +12V power. I decided to utilize the OEM plug for the factory heated grips which was not used. My heated grips are connected to another source. I visited the dealer to pick up one of these OEM plugs so that I would not have to splice into any factory harnesses and I noticed this Red Gladius for sale


I just thought that Trobairitz would be interested in the MSRP up here as a comparison to Oregon prices. No such luck, I left empty-handed. I decided that this being such a simple job I would just go down to EMS and have Ted connect the +12V switched power and I routed the LED display to the dash and pasted it onto the Tachometer face. I could always move it later to another position


I learned a lot today about the wiring of the V-strom. It was so simple that even I could do it next time. The most time consuming part of this whole procedure was trying to remove the Gear Position sensor from it's plug. You need hands of a 2 year old and a thin flat head screw driver to push those plastic wedge tabs in to release the two halves of the plug. In my case you have to remove the rear left panel to gain access

Suzuki retards the timing on the first 4 gears (1,2,3 & 4) to help with emission control. The ATRE function of this unit restores full power to the lower gears. There is not much power difference on the DL650, but it makes a big improvement to the DL1000. It also disables the speed limiter to allow you an unrestricted top speed



Petrol report:


Give or take a penny, fuel in Vancouver is around $1.34+ to $1.33 / litre

At $1.337 per litre, this works out to: $5.06 per US gallon


Another sunny Family Day has rolled around. I don't usually ride on Sundays so we were off to Squamish for Lunch. Squamish is a little town about an hour north of Vancouver on the Sea-to-Sky highway. It is surrounded by mountains and is a very fast growing community thanks to the Winter Olympics of 2010


It looks cold but it is warm in the sunshine, perhaps around 10°c . This is a favorite place for windsurfers later in the year as the winds are very brisk, today not so much


Nearly in the middle of the above photo you can see Shannon Falls which at 335 meters is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia


I would have to say that Logging is the main industry in this area.


For some reason I am attracted to this area. Everytime I come to Squamish I come to the Squamish Marina, to enjoy the view and snap a few photos. Today it was as if it were spring with warmth from the sun


A few miles further North in Brackendale we stopped to admire nature and the recent snowfall on the mountain


They have announced a new ski development near Squamish and there is lots of construction activity with new condos and homes. Some big box stores have just been built for the growing population. I pointed my lens to a slightly different direction and here is another mountain with fresh snow



  1. WOW, was that $9399 plus fees and tax on that Gladius? Bringing it well over the $10,000 mark? And at $5.06/gallon it's a good thing it gets 50+ mpg.

  2. Interesting - I'll be interested to hear how the GI-Pro performs. I wonder what it'll do for your economy?

    BTW: gas is going up just about every day here, currently about $2.19 per litre. Dunno what a gallon is...

  3. I've always been drawn to marinas, too, for some reason. Those are very pretty. I love your snowy mountains. Our new bikes have gear indicators, too. It's nice to hear other folks can't always remember what gear they're in either.

  4. Let's see, 6000 rpm in 6th is about....

    I enjoy looking around small boat harbors. I no longer have any desire to get a boat but I still enjoy watching them.


  5. I always used to look for 6th gear on the TU. Could never find one, sure wanted one though. Glad the Gladius has a 6th gear and a gear indicator. No more counting.

    Thanks for thinking of us and taking the pic of the red Gladius. That color combination isn't available down here. I hate to tell you we paid half of that price out the door and fully loaded insurance including liability,uninsured and underinsured motorists, theft, comprehensive, collision, and even $15,000 in personal injury protection is only $360 a year.

    Love the pictures of the marina and also the snow. They were great.

  6. Bobby

    "...retard eliminator" - does this produce mystical rays around the V-Strom that ensure safe passage through typical Sunday driver traffic?

    I'm working on a device that jams cell phones within a 100m radius of my BMW and pulses 10kV through the handsets.

    (patent pending)

    Kind regards as ever from England, N

  7. Bobskoot, thanks for the farkle report, I may get one myself after you've given it a good workout....please keep us apprised.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  8. Timing is just too funny. Actually tried to skip into 7th the other day myself. :)

    New snowfall and avalanche in training in the second image.

    Another calm day. Very nice. :)


  9. I sometimes have to check if I'm in 5th or 6th. I have more trouble downshifting. I'll forget which gear I'm in, and then shift lower than I want to go (generally into 1st when I want 2nd). I've learned to watch for the neutral light to blip, but sometimes can't be staring at the dashboard.

    Nice color on the Gladius. I haven't seen it in that color.

    Our Canada trip was to Whistler, so your photos bring back a few memories. Lot of snow up there right now. Beautiful scenery, but then I'm not sure you could find bad scenery in BC. :)

  10. Dear Mr. Scoot:

    Somehow, I missed this posting earlier in the week, and regret I am so late to the party. I've just read your newest posting and decided it was way over my head for even a casual comment.

    I have benn to Squamish four or five times and know that waterfall well. There is a mining museum close by. That warerfall and Blackcomb mountain are two of the most impressive natural wonders I have had the pleasure to see from a road.

    I am not surprised you went for a gear shift indicator, and you did a nice job of installing this on your bike. (These have been standard equipment on BMW K bikes since 1985.) I first thought the GSI was nonsense and for sissies. Then I realized I would never have to keep track of the gearing in my head again. And I grew to like that little window in my tach.

    The dash on yoir V-strom is starting to look like the one in the space shuttle.

    Nice post.

    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads
    The Bermuda Triangle of Biker Bogs

  11. Jackie is full of shit as usual. Just nudge the shifter up on the over run and if it doesn't go you are in top gear. cheap simple and effective and replaces electrons with nous.
    I am a terrible consumer.