Wednesday, February 22, 2012

29in29: 20-too

I used to have a muscle car. I was a car guy and every weekend you would find me at a Show & Shine somewhere. I belonged to three car clubs and three photography clubs. I had no time for myself


British Columbia has a collector car program. If your car is restored to factory specs then you can qualify for "collector" Status. There are some conditions as you have to have another vehicle for commuting, and you cannot drive your car to and from work, but other than that you are able to drive it every day anywhere. I have owned two collector vehicles. You are not allowed to have aftermarket accessories such as mag wheels, new stereo or any other accessory that was not available during the year of manufacture. I had a terrrible time trying to find the correct air cleaner assembly as most people just chucked the factory one and installed the chrome wafer air cleaner.


When I purchased the car I thought that it would be a simple, inexpensive task to find the correct wheels, trim rings, exhaust manifold, air cleaner, but I misjudged the rarity of a car which was not made in Canada. The 326ci engine was an American model and also the car was only sold in this country for half a year, being a half year 1st Generation model. All parts had to be sourced from the USA.

I really didn't use the Firebird very much as, at that time I had two other convertibles in my home fleet and I still have my C5 Corvette Roadster. When I sold the car I spent the last weekend (of ownership) driving around town and taking photos of myself with the car, this was at the end of July, 2006, over 5 years ago


The car had very nice sounding Flowmaster Dual Exhausts and it drew a lot of attention. A bit loud for my taste but the higher noise level was music to the ears of other car collectors. Most often people would come over to talk to me, even before I had parked. When approaching stop lights the people would look over when they heard the "sound" and I got many thumbs up. Cars would also come up to me and the driver would smile and give me a thumbs up. It was a magnet . . . I only drove the car with the top down.

Sometimes I miss it . . .

(Me & my 67 Firebird: July, 2006)

and sometimes I don't. Two wheels give me a bigger smile


  1. This is a very handsom car (I guess you can't say pretty when it comes to muscle cars...). I certainly would have preferred this one over the Vette. Awesome!

  2. Pretty car.

    You traded four wheels for two. Sounds like a good trade.

    And wouldn't you rather be riding on two wheels that sitting in a park at a car show while people wander by looking at your car?

  3. Rich is restoring a 1968 Road Runner. He's having luck finding stuff on EBay. He bought this car while still in High School and drove it till 1994. He doesn’t care about making it a collector car. He just wants to drive it. He is converting it from a manual shift and steering to automatic. I tried to talk him out of the automatic trans, with no luck. He has trouble with his left knee and said he wants to drive the car, not just look at it. When he has to drive the flat bed semi at work; he has trouble for days after.

  4. i had a green 70 1/2 400, lol go figure. i remember i had to pay $60 to have a sheetmetal shop make a temp sending unit when the original fell apart. i can imagine your challenge of finding parts...

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    This is a very cool car... But there is only one reason for owning one. "Trolling..."

    Do you own a lime-green leisure suit?

    Fondest regards,

  6. What a gorgeous car! I thought about putting collector plates on Scarlet, but then I wouldn't be able to ride her every day, no point in that.

  7. I had collector plates on my '69 Barracuda. I had to take the dealer installed 8 track player out and send in more pictures to qualify. Not long after it became my daily driver so I had to surrender the collector plates. I too miss it sometimes, but then I remember that I much prefer to be riding on two wheels than polishing four.

  8. Beautiful Firebird. Ron says so too. He's drooling all over the keyboard!

    We've decided when we can no longer do the two-wheel rides, we're going convertible!

    We've had a muscle car or two in the past. When I met Ron he had a 72 Camaro, which is why I went out with him. :)

  9. SonjaM:

    It's the people that make a club, that's why we kept the vette. Also the 'vette has a/c and is more comfortable on the highway. I seldom used the car, it was better to find it a new home


    two wheels are better. even now, I barely use the "vette. this year I have to use it more and perhaps take a vacation in it


    It makes sense to put an auto trans into it to make it more usuable. There are lots of reproduction places now, but some parts are rare and hard to find

    Ms M:

    I know you are a "car guy", and like fast cars and sloooowww men, right ? The 1970 model was very sleek looking. I knew someone who bought a new one back then, and it went like a rocket. In 1968 I bought a 1967 Mustang convertible, it was auto with 289ci engine. I have had lots of convertibles


    I am far from a show off and I don't flaunt things. My first car was a 1956 Chevy 2l0 2 dr post with three on the tree, 6 cyl


    with collector status, you can drive everyday, anywhere, just not to work and you have to have another insured vehicle in your name. If you bought another newer bike as a daily rider, then you could insure Scarlett as collector status and only pay around $150. per year for collector plates and leave it insured all year.


    I also had a 68 Barracuda 2 dr HT, called notchback, back then to differentiate from the fastback model. I had a 318ci torque-flight auto.


    having a convertible may be better than a bike. you don't need a helmet, you can feel the wind in your hair, you have a roof if it rains, and a trunk to store stuff. we used to have a Miata and I think it is the perfect size, small and reliable

  10. What a pretty ride! Love that last image!