Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29in29: Twenty9 Finale

Well, this was an interesting month. It was great to be able to read so many blog posts, it was hard to keep up with everyone, thanks to this great idea dreamed up by Fuzzy .

Now this is the final day of Fuzzy's challenge so I decided to go out in grand fashion with a controversial post. I still have some things to say from our vacation to Hawai'i, and I think you all know by now that I am not afraid to post compromising photos of myself . . .

Dirty Feet, Hawai'i: January, 2012

I don't know how many times Mrs Skoot was yelling at me to wash my feet. Well, she didn't really yell, but I just got tired of hearing this every half an hour. It's like she was following me around checking my soles for dirt. And everytime I dragged myself to the washroom, flexed my feet into the sink and tried to wash them. I thought everyone knew that "Dirty feet were Happy Feet"

I don't know when it started but I have always liked to wear sandals. I wasn't into the hippy movement in the 60's but there was a hippy sandal-maker with a shop on 4th Avenue. (Our Kitsilano area was like the Haight Ashbury district of SF). Back around 1985 I went into his shop and had a pair of custom sandals made. By custom, I mean you put your foot on a sheet of paper and he drew an outline of your feet and then made sandals to fit. The sandal was in the design of that era, and were handmade by himself. I paid a lot of money for this pair so I could not bear to throw them out. As you can see, after 25 years, they still fit


I have been doing a bit of reading since I hurt my foot and have come to the conclusion that walking naturally is healthier. This means having shoes with NO lift on the rear, ie: no heel.

I found that when I wore regular shoes, or sports (running) shoes that my feet really sweat, but when I wore sandals I never got any aches or pains and could walk much farther, so I only wore shoes for work and sandals for the rest of the time. Actually, every waking moment, everywhere I could.


I always bought brand name models, and always the waterproof ones so I didn't have to worry about wearing socks. I believe this pair was a Chaco from the tan lines. I think I am the shoe/sandal collector in our household, I am a sucker for sandals. One day I may show you my large collection, I just can't bear to throw them out.


When we went to Hawai'i the first thing I did was to ditch my shoes and go native. Lots of people are shoeless, or wear sandals over there. If you are female, and ride a scooter in Maui, then


you can go shoeless too. It is easy to blend in. I try to be respectful of others. If we visit friends, I bring socks so when I remove my sandals I just put my socks on, and when I leave I remove them and put my sandals on again. No one wants your dirty feet on their carpets.

Free Range toes are the way to go. That's the first thing I do when I get home, and no matter what the weather, if I have chores to do, then I do them

winter 2008

Rain, snow, sleet or sun, it doesn't matter. You have to build up your foot endurance

Winter 2008

we had a lot of snow that year. I had to shovel several times a day, it just kept falling, I mean the snow doesn't get cleared by staring at it

Oh, I almost forgot, I have an internal rating system I assign to photos determined by how many garments I am wearing. When I am on vacation it is my duty to get to the lowest number. If I wear those swim shorts with the internal webbing designed for swimming, then it counts as one, as there is no underwear. So those previous photos with the shorts and shirt would count as two. It is not often I get below 2 so this video is a rarity as I wouldn't normally shed my shirt with my pudgey stomach. It wouldn't have been a problem if I could have shed 12-15 lbs first, but I love food too much. And like a fish I don't know when to stop eating

I have coined the phrase "Hawai'ian Shoes = no shoes/barefoot". They have taken me to a lot of places and they haven't worn out yet

Now some of you may ask if I have any Zero (naked), photos, rather than two. Now Trobairitz made a recent comment reply about "no pants". It is not a new phenomenom for me, it is not the first time I have posted a photo of myself with no pants


I printed this photo about 25 years ago and it is framed. It proves that I once had hair and no beer belly, and have nothing to hide. Your treat for the Finale of the 29in29 Challenge

Wreck Beach Summer 1985


  1. Bob,

    Any time I see anyone riding without shoes I think to when I ground off half my big toe (I have BIG big toes) while riding my bicycle. Never again. No. I get terrified sitting on the machine in the driveway without shoes. I've got shudders just thinking about it.

    Otherwise, I support your no-shoe lifestyle. Go for it.

  2. Bob, I have truly enjoyed your 29in29. You are certainly a gem, dirty feet, nude photos and all. :-)

  3. I forgot about Wreck Beach - you are so brave Bobskoot.

    I still couldn't wear no shoes as often as you do, my feet would freeze. I can wear sandals to work all year if I wanted but I put shoes and socks on for the winter.

    I am surprised you don't have a pair of those shoes with the individual toe in them. The are flat. Pretty much like socks with rubber on the bottom for grip. Runners around here wear them a lot.

  4. I wouldn't ride anywhere without shoes (or basic gear) but I fully support walking barefoot. When I am at the beach (no matter which time of the year I always dip my toes in).

    Maybe you should try these:
    It is as close to walking barefoot but protects your feet, AND they come in yellow...

  5. lol...
    i love it, love this, love you bob and mrs skoot! :)

  6. Great finale post Bob! I am not quite as brave as you to shovel snow sans shoes. I do however wander around the house barefoot and pretty much most of the summer. As for scooter girl with no gear - OUCH!

  7. Great pic! Love the free range toes and the free-range Bob :)

  8. Bravo on your creative 29 of 29!
    I feel some sort of new challenge coming out of this Bob ... but I'll be dammed if I'm gonna get naked from anywhere but the ankles down!!!

  9. Great finale there Bob! That is a really interesting post I can't believe how your shoveling without shoes on at all!

    Keep it up I say.

  10. Brady:

    I always wear Gear when riding, as well as riding boots. You just never know what will happen. Hope you get wheels soon, must be frustrating having to walk everywhere


    I'm still thinking about those Whoopies, but we have Ding Dongs up here. I smile everytime I see green Toads.


    Not brave, but liberating. Once you go there you will understand how equal we all are. In the summer I change out of my shoes & put on my shorts even before I leave work.

    I have a pair of barefoot minimalist shoes, Teva Zilch which I took to Hawai'i. There are problems with sweating in those Vibram Five Fingers. Much healthier with air ventilation, no sweat and no smell


    all of my sandals are meant for water use, so walking in water is never a problem. Sand is an abrasive, so it keeps your skin clean when you walk on the beach

    Ms M:

    xox, and more xoxoxo's to you too. Hope we can get together later this year, somewhere north of SF, if possible


    As long as you are doing something, and keep the rest of your body and head warm, then you will be warm too. You have to let your body do what it was intended to do.


    I admire you for your free spirit too, and your solo travelling. You have more guts than me to undertake such a long journey by yourself.

  11. VS Lady:

    we all have to start somewhere, I think you meant from your ankles UP. As I grow older I suppose I am more comfortable with myself and don't worry about what everbody else thinks. I wear what I wear, or don't wear . . . life is too short


    just get out there and walk, before long your feet will get tougher and be able to endure more. Try walking in the rain first, you may like it

  12. Great post. I'm a barefoot baby as well. Used to have no problem walking the long gravel driveway barefoot to get the mail. And yes, I've also run around in this snow au natural.

    The last picture makes me the thought of splinters!! :)

  13. Steel Cupcake:

    Hmmm, never thought of that, I need to be "inspected"

    Riding the Wet Coast

  14. I remember being able to run across the rocks barefoot as a child. Not today. I've become a tenderfoot over the years and it would take much to toughen them up like that again.

    Great 29/29 Mr. Skoot! Thanks for taking us along.

  15. Lady Di:

    It dosn't take much to toughen up. With your Jeep you don't need riding boots, so it is easier to experience "free range" toes. I try to stay away from gravel

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    Really You have done a great job. Hatts off.