Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Bike & a Skoot

Here's a ride report that I don't even remember from October, 2006. I was searching my archives and I came across a rare outing where Mrs Skoot rode her Yamaha Vino


That's her Vino on the left. We are refueling at the Shell Station in West Vancouver. We were heading to Horseshoe Bay along scenic Marine Drive. We reach the passenger ticket counter to purchase our ferry tickets but there is no vehicle access on this side of the chain link fence. The vehicle entrance is accessed using the TransCanada Highway Hwy 1, but 49cc's are not allowed to be on the highway so we get permission to use the pedestrian gate if we turn off our engines and push it down the ramp


here we are on the lower ramp waiting for our ferry to dock. Bowen Island is only about a half hour ride across the water. I notice that I am riding my Suzuki GS400s, which is parked behind the Yamaha Vino.

Whle it is still October (2006) the sun still has some warmth and we are only wearing thin summer layers and T-shirts


Here we are on the main ferry deck. Scooters and motorcycles are first to load, and first off the ferry .


While I am trying to capture images of the day, that's Mrs Skoot looking back. We didn't have a lot of riding gear back then


My Suzuki GS400s was so photogenic that I just had to snap another photo of it . I was a member of the Vespa Club of Canada and this was one of many group rides planned for that year (2006). I must have decided not to use my Yamaha BWS big wheel that day


Our group spent some time riding around the local roads terrorizing the neighbourhood and eventually decided to chill out and sit by the beach and enjoy the day

Bowen Island, BC October, 2006

That's part of the Sea-to-Sky Highway (to Whistler) in the background north of Horseshoe Bay. It was a great day to be on two wheels with friends


  1. Replies
    1. Dar:

      I liked that Vino. I probably used it more than Mrs Skoot. She also rode it to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast

  2. Wow, I bet it seems like just yesterday. I like your Suzuki 400. Sure wish they still made something like that.

    Oh well. I like my little Suzuki too.

    Nice to see Mrs. Skoot out on the scooter too.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I hadn't ridden in years, so I bought that Suzuki GS400s to get my toes wet before I upgraded to another Suzuki SV650nK3. For some reason they make 250s, then jump up to 600's. For insurance purposes here in BC bikes under 399cc are cheaper. I like your Gladius too

  3. Back in '06 when we last had sunshine...j/k :)
    Always love seeing the scooters, but agree the Suzuki 400 is quite photogenic. It looks like it was a lovely day for a ride.

    1. BlueKat:

      I think we had sunshine back then too. Having a scooter would be great to use around town, as there are more parking options, and easier for short distance errands, plus you can wear scooter attire

  4. Replies
    1. Dom:

      I was trying to do what you are trying to do with Martha. But somehow it didn't catch on and now Mrs Skoot didn't want to ride anymore, so I sold the scooter. She only rode it a handful of times each summer, but we managed to go on a couple of long rides

  5. bob

    A Yamahaha what??

    Vino powered by Cabernet Sauvignon I suppose.

    Very nice to read nonetheless!

    Hope the feet are OK now, N

    1. Nikos:

      the Yamaha scooter I had was a BWS, also called Zuma in the USA. It was tricked out with a 70cc cylinder kit, and went very nicely around town. I hope your feet are OKay too, even though you don't like to show them off

    2. Bob, my feet are horrible to look at but when I am in Greece for my regular 2 week vacation I never wear shoes - it's bliss for me but horrible for all the goats, N

  6. Looks very sunny and warm! I never realized that Mrs. Skoot rode a scooter. I was looking at a Zuma last summer. I thought that the larger tires would make it easier on our many dirt roads.

    1. Richard:

      The Zuma would be good for gentle non-paved roads. You could also install more aggressive tires. You should also check into the Honda Ruckass, no body panels to damage

  7. Mrs. Shoot with short hair! Too cute. I love the thought of 49cc scooters terrorizing a neighborhood. ;)

    1. Steel CupCake:

      scooters make more noise due to higher RPMs, also the older ones were 2-stroke which were much noisier, esp the Vespas. A group would sound like angry Wasps.

  8. What a nice outing. Plus ferry trip! Bowen Island is ideal scooter territory. It's a pity that Mrs. Skoot didn't catch the scooter bug. It is nice to have a riding buddy 'at hand' when you need one ;-)

    1. SonjaM:

      not having a riding partner is problematic. That's why I ride to a scenic spot and just park myself and enjoy the scenery. Sunday is a non-riding day. I can't selfishly allocate all my free time to myself and my bike