Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Equinox

This year the Spring Equinox is the earliest in over a century, since 1896 at 05:14 GMT, which means that on the West Coast of British Columbia it will arrive on March 19th but someone should tell Mother Nature


as this morning when I left for work, it was below freezing and my windows were all iced up


While other parts of our Country are basking in a relatively warm heat wave we can only dream of T-shirts & shorts and hope that Spring is close behind.

In anticipation of warmer temperatures, it was only last week that I decided to dust off my sandal collection in preparation for the change in seasons. I know, I know I have too many shoes . I can't help myself but someone has to keep all those shoe outlets in business. I am a sucker for minimalistic shoes, especially the ones with the toe loops. I sweat a lot in closed shoes and prefer "free range" mode.


I am going to try hard to trim my sandal budget this year and use something more economical and cost effective . . .

I only recently realized that I already possessed the ultimate pair


of waterproof footwear, which have served me well for many years


  1. Great post Bob. Well, except for the frost on the car windows, that is not so great.

    Nice collection of sandals. Yep, you definitely have more pairs than me, but can you really have too many?

    1. Trobairitz:

      I am weeding out, downsizing, culling, deleting some of my collection and going Minimalistic.

      I have the Zilch, which I wore to Hawai'i:,default,pd.html?dwvar_4158_color=BLU&start=12&cgid=men&prefn1=activity&prefv1=Water%20Sports

      and I have ordered a pair of:

      or I could just use the free ones in the last photo above. The price is right but it is hard to keep them clean

  2. Holy cow, that's a lot of shoes! And that frost picture gave me goosebumps!

    1. ToadMama/Kathy:

      I don't know how you did that photo of you hanging on the wall, with that boy taking your photo. You must be an expert using Photoshop.

      I am trimming my collection but it hurts to give them away. I have a purchasing system. I buy a pair, then don't use them until the next season. And then when I am asked if they are new I just say no, "I bought them last year, you've just never seen them before".

  3. It looks like you need a bigger garage. Scraping ice off of the windows is a pain but at least there is no snow piled up on the sidewalks and it almost look like green grass across the ice and snow free street....

    1. Richard:

      I have a garage but I park on the street, unless there is frost or snow as I don't like to have to shuffle the cars around. Cars are parked in front of each other. I may be first home and then blocked as the last one home may not be the first one to leave.

      I forgot, from your perspective we have nothing to complain about. You're right, no piles of snow, green grass, no block heaters but still can't ride with slippery roads in the morning. And we also don't require winter weight clothing, nor gloves

  4. Okay - now I'm having sandal envy!
    I'm sure that Mother Nature has another blast of the nasties for all of us who are being so smug right now!

    1. VS Lady:

      thank you. they are mostly; teva, chaco, keen, soloman & reebok the water type which do not require socks. As soon as our weather improves, then it's tank tops and shorts until Fall/Winter, just like you

  5. and they say us gals have a lot of shoes! :)
    I had to take a peek at one of the links to the minimal sandals. I've been wearing zero drop shoes for almost a year now. Started with running shoes, and now my I have a couple pair of Merrill gloves for everyday wear. Love them. It would be nice to have a minimal sandals for summer. Flip-flops are pretty good too.

    Have to say minimal shoes make me hate motorcycle boots even more. Don't worry, I still wear the boots...or will if the weather ever cooperates and I get to ride again.

    1. BlueKat:

      I should be getting my unshoes soon. I had to send my foot tracing for them to custom make a pair. It was supposed to be anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to ship. Have you checked out

      I was also thinking of buying a "kit" and make them myself

      these contoured ones

      Motorcycle boots are too confining, but I slip out of them as fast as I can. Zero drop is better for you but I have to have a pair of regular shoes for work