Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking for deals

I started in Steveston for our weekly breakfast with the guys. This time of year many of our motorcycle dealers have specials on accessories and riding gear. I decided to head over to Westminster Hwy to visit the local Triumph/Bmw dealer and what do I see


it was a pristine 'Guzzi . Here is a closer view of the v-twin engine. you can barely make out my self portrait reflected in the chrome


It was a beautiful spring day and I had decided to head over to Langley for another "open house". I was on the search for a replacement riding jacket. At the Richmond dealer they had Olympia Hi-Viz jackets discounted but I already had one which I don't use much. I was looking for something that had removeable panels for all season use. I had a convertible jacket which I wore to Oregon two years ago but it was tight and I don't think I can squeeze into it anymore. In the heat of Oregon I wanted the panels to be removeable to reveal a mesh jacket underneath.


It is also hayfever time and I know that when spring arrives my nose is constantly dripping. I had to stop under an overpass so I could get my kleenex tissues. I don't usually stop on the freeways but traffic was light and today I made an exception. You don't know what a relief it is to finally be able to blow your nose. (I know, too much information)

Lately I have been "going with the flow", riding close to the speed limit and just letting the agressive cars pass. I don't feel the need to always be in the lead. It seems more relaxing to just follow the car ahead and enjoy the air, the rumble of the engine and breathe in the passing scenery


I finally arrive at Western Motorsports in Langley. Today they have an open house, Demo rides for Triumph bikes, charity hot dogs and basically everything in the store is "on sale" .

I can help but OOOOH and AAAAAH at the bikes in the showroom


I couldn't help myself, I just had to try them on for size, especially the Tiger 800


I have been drawn to them lately. I sat on them in Richmond, both the 800XC and the non XC versions. There is also a white Tiger 800XC demo which felt very comfortable. It didn't seem so high as the others I have tried. The salesperson said that the seat has Hi and Low positions.

I don't mind telling you that when I saw that Yamaha Tenere I immediately thought of GeorgeF. When I noticed this colourful Bonneville I thought of Dar. All of us friends brought together through Blogging.


I went upstairs to the 2nd floor to look at all the goodies. I tried some stuff on and eventually noticed this Joe Rocket Alter Ego Ballistic 11.0 jacket. My current JR jacket is probably 5+ years old, time to be retired . . . to be given away to a noobie rider. I just have to figure out how to wash it first.


All merchandise is discounted at least 15%, and others on another rack are $100. off the regular price. So I just had to treat myself. I don't plan to wear it yet. I'm going to put it next to the new AlpineStar* boots I purchased last August. Now all I need are new riding pants. I'm getting new riding gear for my riding tour to Oregon this summer


I stuffed my new Jacket into my sidecase and came back to the showroom for another peek, before I had had a quick snack


While munching on my Hot Dog, my eyes got diverted to this curvacious


Beemer R1200R. It's another bike that I can't get out of my mind. Can you imagine having one of these scrumptious bikes and just let it sit in the garage because you are out riding your GS instead ? It's a crying shame, I tell you

I eventually left and headed towards home, but first I stopped by the marina to grasp a few rays of sun and just enjoy the day. I seem to come here often. It's peaceful, a place to think and gather your thoughts.


My older JR jacket is longer than my new one and often "rides up" when riding. This new Ballistic Alter Ego 11.0 is a bit shorter and feels just right



  1. You just perfectly described why I try to avoid the dealerships this time of year - too many good deals! :)

    1. Canajun:

      I wanted to replace my aging riding jacket, and most dealers are having sidewalk type sales recently. I am also looking for a new riding pants

  2. omg that moto guzzi is hot! mmmmm...
    thats a good looking jacket bob.

    1. Oh Ms M:

      any bike you are riding would be HOT. I saw more 'Guzzis on Sunday at the Motorcycle show & shine

  3. A new riding jacket to be saved for later. Sigh. I think you would be safer wearing the gear now and testing for fit and feel before finding out a zipper is broken in July.

    The Bonneville is gorgeous!!

    Bob, bob, bob.... You must realize that is a R1150R. Two COMPLETELY different bikes. :) This is noticeable by the coil design for the plugs off of the jugs, the scoops on the front of the tank, that awful beak of a front fender, the oval-ish shape of the exhaust pipes coming off the header, and if you could see the strange design of the shaft assembly... Sigh. What are we going to do with you...not being able to tell those apart. (hehehehe)

    1. Steel CupCake:

      why do you "sometimes" always make sense ? You are right again. It fit fine when I tried it on, but then I haven't tried it while sitting on my bike yet, and I forgot to try the zippers to make sure they work.

      Tsk, tsk, not being a Beemer person I didn't realize it was not an R1200R. Still looks good to me though, I was mesmerized by the drooping jugs again

  4. A great day. Some days it is fun to just ride to the different dealers to see what is on sale and what we can or can't afford.

    Great looking jacket. I would be inclined to agree with Lori and try that jacket out before riding all these miles. Not just for a broken zipper issue but it will let you know if there are any issues with fit while riding. I have a nearly new jacket that fits just standing but when on for riding I can't put my helmet on when the jacket is on because the shoulders are too tight and the elbow padding hits wrong.

    And trust me, pulling over to blow your nose is better than sneezing in a full face helmet. Ask me how i know ;-) Allergies are starting down here too but won't be really going until the grass goes to seed in another month or so.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I tried to hold off as long as possible looking for a wider shoulder. It was such a relief to get the kleenex out. Allergies aren't good, but they signal the start of the warmer season. I'm going to have to try out the jacket soon to make sure it works. It's supposed to turn itself into a mesh jacket

  5. Bob:
    So when are you going to try out a new Tiger for real? Or is that tempting fate??

    1. Geoff:

      you haven't written about your Vespa Piaggio MP3 ? did you keep your Striple ? I'm afraid to take the Tiger for a spin for fear I may not wish to give it up. So for now I will just touch & stare at them

  6. Dear Bobskoot: The red R1200 is indeed a gorgeous bike, but the Guzzi is a stunner too. You should have made an offer on both.

    Fondest regards,