Tuesday, September 4, 2012


After I maneuvered my bike out, you can read about it HERE , I was on my way to Steveston to have breakfast with the guys. Since I come here nearly every Saturday morning it didn't seem necessary to snap any photos. It was a nice sunny day and without anywhere to go I decided to just enjoy the day and stick close to home


I ended up at a sandy beach at Spanish Banks where parking was nearly non-existant but I finally found a spot to park and quickly changed out of my riding clothes


There is no better feeling than to walk barefooted in the sand on the beach. I notice lots of others doing the same thing. The sand also works as an abraisive to clean the bottoms of your soles. I was recently on the Oregon coast but it was windy and felt a bit chilly but here in our protected waters the sun felt warm with only a slight breeze


The beach is very flat and when the tide changes you have to be very careful to keep your eyes on the water as it rises very fast. At low tide you can nearly walk a mile out . Looking Eastward you can see Vancouver


in the distance. The trees on the left are in Stanley Park

Topless #1

It is starting to get warm so naturally, even though I am carrying a bit of flubber, I decide to walk topless. I can be so daring sometimes

For a long holiday weekend, it isn't very busy and even the lifeguard has time


to take a break and enjoy the good weather

Goofing off in front of my camera

Over 15 years ago when we had our two dogs (chow chows), we used to bring them down here all the time. Dogs are allowed during the winter months.


Near the end of the pier there is a viewing platform and some people are baiting their crab traps

Vancouver in the background

With no plans I am not in a rush to leave. I am just enjoying a nice summer day in the sunshine


I imagine that I am the Captain

Topless #2

I am at the time of my life where I am trying very hard to slow down, learn how to relax and enjoy the beauty around us. Today was very peaceful. I spent a couple of hours doing nothing and I could do it again


Every day we wake up is another day to be thankful for


  1. Strike a pose, Bob. Looking good. Actually, your area looks a lot better than Kansas - again. 100 degrees today and no beaches. I think this is the last round of it, then maybe we can start enjoying life, too.

    Behind Bars

    1. Brady:

      I have never been to Kansas, but it is on my radar . . . I don't know what you do to escape from the heat. We have our beaches and it is much cooler there than inland, perhaps 10-15°F difference or more due to the breeze off the water. The temps are nearly perfect for riding, not too hot nor too cool.

  2. "Every day we wake up is another day to be thankful for"....


    1. Erik:

      I never thought of myself as Old until just recently. All of our lives we are rushing, trying to get ahead, working which leaves for less playtime. You are luckier than most with more years to enjoy your health. I am past retirement age but still working due to the world meltdown. I am trying hard to enjoy life and slow down. That Sunday in Baker City was refreshing to enjoy each other without plans. We should have allowed for another day to sit and talk. I worry about the future when my riding days are over and I am forced to look out the window and just . . . wait

    2. I would have enjoyed another day with no riding. Don't worry about your riding days passing. Even if you can't manage a motorcycle, there's always that beautiful red convertible....

      I'd love to be able to take Nancy on a long highway road trip, to some place with some scenery, in a car like that!

      I've always thought that a replica 427 Cobra would be a fun project. Not until I win a lottery.

  3. It looks like a beautiful day to be out and about busy doing nothing. I could get into that....

    1. Richard:

      It is a pastime we could get used to. I like to call it "retirement" mode. Often times we cram so much into our weekends that we have to go back to work to relax. Doing nothing in the sunshine is better than doing nothing in the cold, so as summer slips quietly by we have to plan more days like this before it is too late.

  4. I am glad you had a chance to go out, enjoy the sun and just relax.

    I like that you managed to get the beach and Vancouver in the pictures.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Spanish Banks is probably the best beach area in Vancouver. Flat, sandy with views of the City in the background. On that pier people fish or throw out crab traps and the sailing club is beside the pier so you could just sit and watch the activities. Many people come down here for family picnics. I think you would like it here, it is a good place to relax by the water.

      Most of the time I am alone so I just don't feel energetic enough to put on the miles by myself and I have been shying away from group rides . It does make a difference when you have a built-in riding buddy

    2. Good one Trobairitz! ;)

      Frolicking around on the beach. Nice afternoon.

  5. That off the shoulder tanktop shot... {wolf whistles} ;)

    1. Fuzzy:

      Gosh, Golly Gee . . . (blushing), you noticed

  6. Wasn't going to mention it, but since Fuzzy already did, the off the shoulder tank's got playgirl written all over it.
    Love the backdrop - and all the fun you were having in front of the camera.
    (Remember 60 is the new 40.) My mother's cousin rode (with his wife pillion) across Canada, Ontario to Vancouver when he was 80, he's 98 now (I think, maybe older). He kept riding until the age of 87 when he said he wasn't as strong and his balance was not as good as it needed to be for riding.

    1. Karen:

      I used to belong to several camera clubs and everyone is snapping photos of everyone else. I got comfortable in front of the camera. I even do silly things. Glad you liked my shoulder shot.

      You mentioned that 60 is the new 40. do you think I could stretch it a bit and change it to "66 is the new 40", cause that would make me feel a lot better. Read THIS I've only got 15 years left . . . but thank you for trying to cheer me up

  7. Nice way to wile away the day. Enjoy the sunny weather while you can. What a lovely beach to visit and what a beautful day. I didn't know you liked to hang out at "topless" beaches. ;)

    Nice post, Bob. I'm loving these end of summer posts. I'm not quite ready for PNW weather to return, but it seems like things are kind of winding down. That's okay. Next up ... my favorite season, Autumn!

    1. BlueKat:

      to enjoy summer in something other than ATGATT feels great not to be sweating all the time. Tanks, sandals, shorts, sunshine and barefeet in the sand. Feels good to take a pause and just BE, to breathe in the beauty of our city with no plans.

      we do have a clothing optional beach and I used to go there all the time to hang out. Seamless tans are the best .

      I agree, Autumn is a good time for riding. Less heat makes it more bearable

  8. Dear Mr. Skoot:

    I can understand the bare feet on the sand, but walking on a wooden pier, with the potential for splinters from a wooden surface, which shows the punctuation of seagull guano is like riding without a helmet. One little puncture of the sole and you'll end up on an IV full of antibiotics.

    How fast does the tide come in? Is it like the Bay of Fundy?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

    1. Jack:

      There are no splinters left on that pier. It is very busy and I think other people have inadvertently cleared them away. That beach is very flat, so a 1 inch rise covers a large area. I have a photo showing the low tide and the high tide line, but forgot to post it. The tide rose a lot just in the time I was there

  9. I have never had a problem taking time off. People who retire and complain of broedom make me crazy. And now, working nights I have found the best job ever for me. I get up at lunch time without an alarm, goof off in the afternoon under the hot Florida sun (or air conditioning) and ride into work over the water.(I'm working OT a lot these days to pay for the Vespa). Retirement seems a chimera south of the 49th parallel, but one has to make the best of it. Keep practicing, it will get better, goofing off.

    1. Mr Conchscooter:

      Bored people have no life, no hobbies, no friends thus they exist to wait for the inevitable. I don't want time to pass me by wondering whether I could have done this or that. I am already past retirement age but I trudge on regardless during this time of failed world economies, and wondering whether I have the resources to make it into my twilight years, where time may be the most important commodity. I am still building memories

  10. Hi Bob:
    I wanted to introduce my blog. I am still trying to figure out (with the help of Scooterchick) how the design works, and how to link yours in. "Welcome to the blogosphere" you might say. Hope you enjoy.