Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two or Four

wheels, hard to decide. Recently I was thinking about all of my security measures and how vandals are ruling my life. So I am taking back my life and doing what I did before . . . trying to live without fear that something else bad will happen.

I woke up early and squeezed my V-strom through my narrow gate to prepare it for my commute to work


Just after 7am found me on Broadway looking at the sunrise. This time of year is the worst for commuting as the sun is often at road level, making it hard to see where you are going. I am heading Eastbound right into the sun, and in another month or so, I will be squinting into the sunset on my Westward trek home


As a safety precaution I often follow other cars when the glare gets bad. I worry about the left turning cagers which are difficult to distinguish from the shadows


From this intersection I am only about 10 minutes from work, and Sonja is just around the corner

Every morning before I leave for work I take a look at my Corvette to make sure nothing serious happened during the previous night. On Monday morning I got the bright idea to drive it to work as what better way to keep an eye on it than from our office windows, instead of on the street at home miles away.


It was too cold in the morning, but after work I drove topless


The sun was out but there was no heat in the air. My ears were freezing


We have had a very short summer and I feel that it's slipping away. It is not very warm during the day, and it is getting chilly at night. We are getting down to single digits, only 8°c this morning.

I hope to be able to use my car a few more weeks before it gets too cold to put the top down


for now it is tucked away for the night. The top is up, and the battery is plugged in


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    1. Chillertek:

      Firstly, CONTRATULATIONS on your second daughter OLIVIA ! Now we know why you haven't been riding (just kidding)

      When we had a young family I was pestered to sell my new Suzuki GS1100L, so I did, and it was a challenge to find time to ride anyway. I even had an Alfa Guila Spyder but as a two seater we still couldn't go for rides in it

      anyway, have a good annual vacation and ride somewhere exciting

    2. Thanks Bob, I should be getting out for a ride next week. I've been up to my elbows in baby crap.

  2. The low sun is always a concern this time of year, especially here where the deer are starting to move out of the deep woods and become more active and present on the roads. They are totally invisible in front of a low rising (or setting) sun.
    And as for the vandalism issue it's interesting how we become hyper-vigilent and overly concerned for a time (been there, got the t-shirt) but as the memory fades so does the anxiety, even though the risk remains the same. Human nature I guess.

    1. Canajun:

      the low sun angle was particular bad this morning. I took a different route and the sun was right on the horizon at the top of the hill. I couldn't see anything and reduced speed to barely crawling whilst looking in my rear mirror. Lucky we don't have deer in the city.

      too bad we couldn't just turn our clocks back to the 50's when there was respect for the property of others

  3. I worry about it more when the sun is directly behind me making me all but invisible to oncoming traffic. But it is getting too late in the year now for that as the sun is just below the horizon when I leave in the morning. Soon it'll be way below the horizon...

    Noce sunrise photos, were they both taken near the same time or year?

    1. Richard:

      I was going to explain in the narrative about the sunrise photos but forgot. As you know, most cameras do not meter correctly for backlight, especially with the sun. so the first photo was EC: exposure compensated probably over -1.3EV so it appears darker. The second photo was taken seconds later from the same perspective but perhaps different zoom setting but settings which the camera selected and was thusly, overexposed and blown out, and looks brighter

      You are right about the sun behind, that is when I follow something really BIG in front of me.

  4. Beautiful sunrise pic over the city.

    Good for you for taking control of your fear and riding and parking where you want. If you let the vandals dictate your life they win - don't let them win.

    Oh, and I hate driving into the sun every morning too. Makes me realize how much I need to wash my windshield. It isn't the sun that gets me but the glare off the dirty windshield on the car that does it.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I try to leave for work before 7am so soon it will be dark in the mornings. This morning the sun was just rising over the buildings and it was hard to see. I think the plastics used in the car give off fumes in the heat and stick to your windshield on the inside. You have to give it a good washing with something like Windex with ammonia. You only notice it when looking into the sun.

      Our windows were so bad we had to buy Glass Stripper to get down to the clean layer, which worked great on the outside. It's a safety item. I have a rule, "if you can see, you can't go" You can't drive blindly so do it when you get home

      I have one more month of parking "outside". every morning I run out to make sure all is okay. I commuted on my bike again this morning. I started to park it outside again, but under a cover

  5. The position of the sun these days is quite a challenge alright but it made for a beautiful and dramatic first pic.
    Glad to hear that you have decided to regain control and not to let the vandals win. Good for you!
    Let's have a coffee (or tea for me) one of these days.

    1. Sonja:

      It is better to ride in the dark, than to have the sun level with the road. This morning was really bad and I couldn't see anything. Maybe you want to tag along to Steveston for Breakfast one Saturday. We meet around 8:15am at Cimonas which is right next door to Waves coffee on Bayview

  6. Bob, I don't even consider riding to work, not just because of the loads of crap I have to carry and the short 20k ride, but mainly because it is still dark when I leave at 6:30 - though I often wish at the end of the day I could magically transform the SUV into the STAR.
    Glad you got the toys out to play with again.

    1. Karen:

      why do you leave at 6:30am ? That means you get to school around 7am. Do you take a nap first before you start the day ?

      I started to leave my bike on the street and using it to commute to work. It is cable locked to the trailer and under a cover

    2. I wish I had time for a nap ... I just need to appreciate the peace and quiet for a bit while I get things ready to go ... but I think I'll be able to take the bike to work on Mondays because of the political situation here in Ontario. I've hit the "pause" button. I will not arrive at work early and I will not stay late, on Mondays.

  7. Good for you Bob - take control!

    Ummm.... as long as it's not raining, we have the top down on Jennie's MX5 in cold weather. A little tip in case you haven't tried it... we put the heater on with the vents on face and feet. You get this nice little bubble of warm air surrounding you and being invisible, every other road user thinks you're super-tough!

    That will be $500 for professional advice, thank you.

    1. Geoff:

      Like yourselves, only drive the "vette with the top down. But recently it was too hot and we don't like the sun beating down so we don't use it. Now it is warm during the day, but chilly at nights, we also use the "heater trick" but idling with the fan going full blast runs down the battery. Don't forget we also have daytime running lights on all the time too.

      I'll give you the 500 pennies when you get here

  8. Ah yes, that low on the horizon sunshine. I've noticed in the morning too. It's annoying, but I worry more about the cars that have the sun in there eyes and are less likely to see me. Soon the overcast will return. Problem solved.

    Your vette is beautiful. I love the shot over the dash! Like being in the driver's seat. You might have to get a ski cap for those cold mornings though. :)

    1. Bluekat:

      the sun was bad again this morning. I make sure to always follow something big, like a truck this morning. You just have to make sure you are left of their left mirror so cars going the opposite direction don't turn left in front of you after they pass the car ahead. Overcast would be better.

      come on UP here, you too can be in the driver's seat, and I do have a few toques. I think toques are a Canadian thing

    2. I had to google "toque". I hadn't heard the term before.

      Our low sun problem has gone away :( The sun is now completely below the horizon when I leave for work.