Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I didn't think that I ate that much but after I was finished I couldn"t stand the sight of food.  For the past few years we have gotten out of the habit of going for an upscale buffet luncheon but our daughter called the other day and asked if we were free for lunch on Sunday (Father's Day).  I knew that I was not going to be around for a few weeks so I am purposely making myself more available to do family things

I dusted off the car and off we went.   I had not been able to drive the car much even though I bought insurance nearly 2 months ago as Mrs Skoot had her operation and was not recommended to sit in the low seat, but we managed to squeeze her in.   I don't really find it that enjoyable to be driving around by myself

I am also not a fan of buffets as I am like a fish with no sense as to when to stop eating.   I prefer defined portions as I have no self control

I must say that this was an excellent buffet with above and beyond service and a great selection of items.  It was a Country Club in sunny Richmond which was more like a luxury ocean liner

Look at all the hot food, then the salad table behind and there was also a dessert table in another room

Of course this table was full when we arrived, not so much now as we are leaving

You couldn't have asked for a better day.    They have indoor squash and tennis courts but we sat outside by the pool after our meal to soak in some sun

I tried to keep my portions on the smaller side.    I know, no vegetables but this is my day to eat what I wanted.   I love Perogies with onions and sour cream,  eggs benedict and custom omlette with a smidge of Halibut and salmon

Small cup of soft ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and fresh raspberries, a small chocolate eclair and a Pink mousse of some kind

and a home-made Father's Day card made by our Grandchildren.   "Ang" = Grandpa in an unusual Chinese dialect

Another relaxing day on the Wet Coast


  1. Happy father's day! We had a hectic weekend i n Toronto. Counting down now... Lots to do.

    1. David:

      Happy Father's Day to you too. What ! Toronto, what's happening there ? Did you ride your Vespa ? Only 3+ weeks until liftoff.

  2. Looks like a beautiful day with family.

    If you want to eat less at a buffet, just go vegan or even vegetarian. It will reduce your options greatly, of course the value for what you pay goes down exponentially too.

    I understand about being too full though, we overate at the Indian buffet. We got there when they opened at 11:30 so the pakoras were fresh and hot.

    1. Trobairitz:

      We used to go out a lot, less lately since Mrs Skoot's surgery but with me riding away soon, I am trying to cram more "going out" to erase some guilt feelings. Our Daughter wanted to go to this Country Club so I said Okay as we really don't see our Grandchildren that much since we are still working, and they are too busy. There is an interesting story about this Golf/Country club as Jews were not allowed to join private clubs up here so a few got together and started their own. This was back in the late 40's early 50's when we had discrimination back then. Then they would only accept people of Jewish origin but lately that has changed and now they are accepting anyone. Because of the Jewish factor they do not serve Pork or shellfish.

      We have several Indian buffets up here with a large East Indian population. Of course you would have to ride up here so we can show you

  3. Glad you had a happy Father's Day, Bob!

    I would definitely have over-indulged at that feast myself! Beautiful!

    1. Deb:

      I have trimmed my portions WAY way down but still I managed to have a bit more than I should have. It must have been the 4 glasses of grapefruit juice, or the bowl of ice cream, laced with raspberries and chocolate syrup. or the two eggs benedicts with custom omlette or the perogies with sour cream. I still can't figure out what put me over the edge.

  4. Yeah just catching up on your posts. Happy Fatherr's Day Ang BeSS. Looks like a lovely meal. Time spent with family is never wasted!

    1. Chris:

      Thank you. Nice for you to go to Lawton this year to be close to your family too