Friday, October 31, 2014

ScooterBob goes to France


A trip to Strasbourg, France sounded like an excellent plan. The fog had lifted, and the sun was out. It didn't have its summer strength though, temps were rather nippy out there. We grabbed ol' ScooterBob, and hit the road to France.

After an uneventful ride on major roads we reached the city center and parked our Vespa adjacent to the pedestrian zone. It wasn't quite legal but due to lack of parking spots it usually gets tolerated. And we doubted that the officials would bother about two innocent little scoots. At Cafe Bistrot & Chocolat we found what we were looking for. Vegan! Vegetarian! Gluten free! All day brunch!

After this delicious meal we showed ScooterBob the sights of Strasbourg. We put it right in front of the museum Rohan Palace. Notice that there are no people present. As a matter of fact the visitors were considerate enough to wait until we had finished with the wooden scooter's photo session. Some of them might have thought, it was an experimental art project of sorts.

The most popular spot in Strasbourg is its huge cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg. But it's a very crowded place, and we didn't want ScooterBob to get stomped on, so we visited briefly, and using a hole in the crowd we got our tourist snap shots done and left.

Riding opportunities are getting less now at the end of the season, and riding days are getting shorter, but we are hoping to get in one more ride with ScooterBob.


  1. Nice job with the "perspective" shots......

  2. Fabulous pics. The first one in front of Rohan Palace is my favorite. Bob would so have enjoyed seeing this.

  3. Wow! I think it's all "down hill" for Scooter Bob after this leg of the journey!


  4. I was listening to a photography podcast and one of the hosts mentioned that most people will ensure that they don't interfere with a photographer during a public photo session. You must look "pro".

  5. Brilliant photography!

    I agree with Deb. You guys are setting a very high bar.

    Very nîcely done.

  6. I just love this idea of keeping Bob with us. I always looked forward to him commenting on my travels. Being friends with V-Star lady, he stayed at my place for a couple of nights last year and he instantly became a part of my life. Thank you to every one who takes ScooterBob along for the ride and keeps his spirit alive!

  7. Lovely! Simply stunning. I am sure Bob is enjoying this immensely.

  8. Superbly done Sonja! Got to say that you've set the bar at a very high level and Bob would be tickled pink!