Monday, October 20, 2014

Travels with ScooterBob

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you, Riding the Wet Coast is back, after a fashion.

It's here to carry on a tradition begun by BobSkoot to reach out and connect with moto bloggers far and wide.

New posts will begin appearing here, from time to time, as moto bloggers travel with ScooterBob.

No one can blame you for not having a clue who, or more precisely what, ScooterBob is.

A 'Travels with ScooterBob' page has been added to Riding the Wet Coast.  You can click on the link here, and on the page link above to find out all about it.

All of the future posts here will be guest posts.  This blog will be moderated, as it was in the past, so attention all spammers, expect to have your comment posts obliterated as they were in the past.

Now then, please remain calm, and carry on.  Rejoice! Wet Coast is baaaaaaack!


The editors.


  1. What a great tribute to BobSkoot, his memory, and love of motorcycle adventures!

  2. Thanks Dude, I think it will be interesting.

  3. Well, I had high hopes that his blog would not be obliterated. Rock on...

  4. Bravo. I've been missing my fix.

  5. Thanks David for all your time you've put in, in making ScooterBob's travels happen.

  6. In a way Bob's travels will go on. I wonder where on Earth it might show up.

  7. David, this will be a fine tribute to Bob, and I'm sure the family will be happy that Bob's words and photos will be available to them. Great idea. Thanks for setting this up. Let us know the rules.

    1. Ed the 'rules' as they evolve are on the ScooterBob page.

  8. I think I'll just quietly sit here for a bit......thanks David.

  9. Shocked to hear of Bob's passing. Have sent in my details and would love to host ScooterBob.

  10. I'm in tears here. What a great idea. Bob would be so tickled. I think about him often. Thanks for doing this.