Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cromwell to Dunedin

With the TT2000 starting tomorrow in Dunedin I thought that I'd better get there at some stage...

I got up a bit later this morning but was still on the road by 8am - with only 200km or so to ride.  First up I filled the bike and then made by way to Alexandra where it was time for a leisurely breakfast.

No not that mini...
From Alex I started to make my way across to SH1 via Roxborough.  The countryside through here is pretty awesome with all the "rocks" sticking out of the hills.  Time for some pics.

While parked up I felt a few spits of rain and with some dampness predicted I decided to rig for wet weather before carrying on.  As it happened I only got a few spits through Roxborough and Lawrence but had wet roads pretty much the rest of the way to Dunedin.

Once in Dunedin I stopped off in town for a few things and then decided to check out Baldwin Street - the world's steepest residential street.  Well, it looked pretty steep to me but the picks probably don't show it.  While there a guy asked which bike I was going to ride up it...

I decided that I didn't like my chances on either bike (turning around would probably be tricky) and made do with the picks and then it was off to find my motel.

So that's it, a pretty small post today but it was just a short ride.  Tomorrow things get busier so I doubt there will be another post until Sunday at the earliest and by that time a couple of thousand kms should have whizzes by - stay tuned...


  1. You're right, the photos don't really show the steepness of the street.

  2. Photos can't capture what the eye sees, but you can tell that is a steep street. The countryside photos are great.