Saturday, December 17, 2011

After working a

full day, I returned home to pick up Mrs Skoot, had a quick snack, and headed to Seattle, WA where we arrived at our lodgings for the night and unpacked our luggage. Although it was after 10pm, I wanted to snap a few photos down at the Pike Place Market . . .


If you look closely at the figures in the photo, you may recognize Troubadour & Trobairitz . . . with Mrs Skoot looking on


  1. I wish we could have gone too, next year for sure!

  2. Bob, if you are still in Seattle when you read this, go to the cheese shop, not technically in Pike's Market, but a few doors either way from the original Starbucks. Go in there and pick up Dinah's cheese. A soft ripened cheese that is the best thing this side of heaven. If you read this after you get back to Vancouver, get someone to mail you some. It's that good.

  3. Wayne:

    I did and he said HI back to you


    we missed you but don't forget we plan to meet again this summer down in Oregon


    too bad you couldn't change your ticket. You were soooo close. All you had to do was hop into the back seat . . . But there is always this summer. We are trying to co-ordinate with your plans


    I know the place you mean, lots of cheese but unfortunately we couldn't find a parking spot on Sunday. Being the last weekend before Christmas, parking was non-existent so we headed north towards home