Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Supplement to Troubadour's

Progressive Motorcycle Show report HERE, and our 3rd annual mini-get-together.

For the previous two years we have gotten together in Seattle to visit the Motorcycle show and I was wondering whether we were going to continue with this tradition. And as if Troubadour had telepathy he sent an email wondering if we were free to meet again this year, so we did. It gives us a chance to discuss plans for next year, and try out new restaurants after all, Blogging and food are two ingredients that mix well together.

Trobairitz knows her way around a keyboard and google is her friend. She found a funky internet hot dog cafe (cyber-dogs.com) just around the corner from the Motorcycle Show. The portions were generous and delicious. Orin has some food photos HERE

We didn't have a clue where to go for dinner so we sent Chuck a text message and he came up with a very nice Thai restaurant close to our lodgings and took some time away from his studio to join us. We chatted until our food arrived, then came dessert and when that was gone we continued to chat, and chat, and chat, and chat . . . until we got the notion that the staff wanted to clear our tables and go home.

Here is a short recap . . . "We Like to eat . . . "


  1. I think I remember seeing jade Garden video from before. Did you go there last year as well? Vegetarian hot dogs at Cyber-dogs. Amazing what you can find using Google. Pretty interesting decor. Your video looks like old 8 mm footage especially with the light bleeding in from the side. I remember that happening if you didn't change the film in the shade. But that problem got fixed with Super 8.

  2. Great post Bob. Why is it I look about 12 years old in that dim sum video? Must be the silly grin.

    Good times. Thanks for making the trek this year. It was nice to be in Seattle for 2 nights and visit more.

  3. Richard:

    I am having a lot of fun with my Antique Camcorder. I think I had the most fun with this video, I was trying to get blurry, vignetting, shaking video with light leaks. The irony is that I uploaded this video in 720p30 HD. Yes we went there last year, it's now a yearly tradition. They even gave us the same table as last year. You could have been there too, IF you had changed your ticket and hopped into the back seat


    thank you BUT you ARE young. Must be my old camera is playing optical tricks. I enjoyed the weekend with both of you too.

  4. Will all that non-stop wall to wall eating I'm going to book flight tickets to Oregon now....when and where exactly do I go? Can I rent a motorcycle?

  5. Eating is good!

    Love the dim-sum, but can't get enough people together to really enjoy.

  6. Nikos:

    do you really mean it ? are you serious ? If so, we can send you the information as soon as we decide the date/location. Would be good to meet you


    I know what you mean, the more the merrier and the more we can order. Last year there were more of us but we continued the tradition anyway.