Friday, December 23, 2011

P I M S: Talking Pictures

If a picture says a "thousand words", then a video would say a Million Words. Last weekend we had a mini-Blogger meeting at the Seattle PIMS: Progressive International Motorcycle Show. It was just an excuse to get together for a weekend of fun, taking photos, experiencing new places to eat, and of course to walk around the annual motorcycle show oooing and sitting on the new models. All of us met at the entrance as previously arranged but then we mostly went our separate ways, except that the four of us, Troubadour, Trobairitz, Ms Skoot & Bobskoot (myself) more or less stayed together .

Good for me as I had my camera in hand just waiting for willing subjects. As a photographer I am accustomed to not getting any photos of myself as the images end up on memory cards belonging to others. I managed to capture the essence of our day at the show with a short video, starring Troubadour & Trobairitz.


  1. A million words, that's more than a few blog posts. What's with the leaning bike Trobairitz is on?

  2. Great video Bobskoot.

    @Richard - wasn't me on the leaning bike. We never even saw that area or we would have tried it though.

  3. ooooooh shopping what fun! :)

  4. @Trobairitz Sorry, I watched the video on my phone and it was pretty pixelated. It did look interesting...

    @Bobskoot So, all that effort to produce HD video is wasted on someone like me that watches a very low bandwidth version.

  5. Richard:

    I wish it were Trobairitz on that leaning bike, but I included it because I thought it was a neat machine, besides we can always get a shot of her leaned over as she rides like that all the time


    As I started recording my clips, It was always you two in them, so I had this vision as I was taking them. So this video is mainly for you two.

    Ms M:

    There's always time to look at farkles and accessories. You could fly in next year and take the shuttle to our Hotel.


    You mean, all my efforts to produce stunningly sharp HD video and it shows up pixelated ? I'd better go back to my 1920 vintage camcorder in B&W

  6. I agree Richard it did look interesting.

    Thank you Bobskoot for the video. It was always hard to tell when you had your camera on video and when you were taking stills. I would have goofed off more had I of known you were taking video.

    Where was the leaning bike at the show? For some reason we didn't even see it.

  7. Hey Uncle Bob,

    Stopped by to wish you and Mrs.Bob all the very, very best for Christmas and the New Year mate!!

    This must be our third or fourth Christmas now Bob.



  8. I just went back and caught up with your last three posts. Looks like you all had a great time together. It's always nice to meet the person behind the words, and the really neat thing... when you finally do, it feels like you already know each other.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!