Friday, May 17, 2013

More Goodies coming my way

My cousin came over to visit Mrs Skoot to see how she was doing after her operation.  She has been home for nearly a week and healing seems to be coming along.   Of course, I am in charge of making our meals and I think I have lost a bit weight the past couple of weeks.  Anyway he got hooked on photography a while back and he often calls to discuss new photographic acquisitions.   He bought his Canon dSLR and Sony NEX upon my recommendations and he came over with his photo kit to show me what he had.   He likes to travel light and he recently bought a new SEL1650 the new power zoom retractable NEX lens, and the Ultra Wide Converter VCL ECU1 which turns your 16mm SEL lens, into an 18 mm ultra wide.  I love ultra wides so I played with it while he was here

After he left I quickly browsed Craigslist and found one for sale.  I sent an email and by noon today the seller delivered it to my office

It is virtually brand new, but without the original boxes.  I have the zippered case, both front and rear caps, and the lens is pristine.  No marks of any kind.  I asked the seller why he was selling it.   He said that he bought a NEX-5N a year ago and sold it but the buyer did not want this adapter.   It sat on his shelf for the past year or so,  so he decided to sell it.   He told me that he only shot about 5 frames when he first got it and then put it away.  

I wanted to make arrangements to service my R1200R as I was going to insure it tomorrow so I went to visit my mechanic to make sure he had all the parts in stock and while I was there, I snapped a photo of his new female motorcycle mechanic

Here she is giving some "attitude" . . .

I am getting my bike ready for a long road trip later this Summer and I have been slowing buying all the stuff I think I need.   Today I happened to receive another FEDex package from .   They sure are fast with their shipments.   It was shipped from Calgary yesterday and I received it before noon in Coquitlam today

It's always exciting to get packages but I like to open them right away to make sure that what is inside, is what I ordered.  Now I have something to do this weekend.   I thought that it was going to come sometime next week

I like RAM mounts.   I ordered the U-bracket & cradle for the Spot2 GPS tracker, and another special Garmin GPS  USB  power cable so I don't have to use that large cigarette lighter plug.   No, I did not order the Spot2 from them.   I bought it last Christmas when it was on sale during Boxing Week.

I brought my Spot2 to work so I could activate my subscription with and figure out how to export the data to       I think I have most of it figured out since it seems to be feeding fine.   Data is only stored on for 30 days before it is purged.   Spotwalla keeps the data for as long as you want.   Thank you to RichardM for his input and support and for being a "contact" during this testing phase to make sure that messages sent from the Spot2 are being dispatched and received correctly

I have put a link to my Spot2 on the right sidebar so you can see where I am.  I used it for the first time tonight to track my way home.  I will have more to say about my trip (next month) and where I am headed.  You will be able to follow along with me and see my progress by just clicking the link


  1. Bob-
    Happy days, Mrs. Scoot is home and keeping you busy!

    Looks also like you have some really fun times ahead of you playing with all your new gear!

    I am looking forward to seeing some of your photographic innovations that will be forthcoming!


    1. Deb:

      I am a hobbyist and I don't mind buying things to try them out. This wide angle adapter turns my lens into a true 18mm Ultra wide angle. I love wide angle . . .

      My journeys are more about looking at the scenery and snapping photos. I would be devastated of my camera broke on any trip, so I plan on carrying a few but I need a way to keep everything charged up

  2. Wow. Look at all those gadgets. You'll be ready for anything on your summer trip.

    I love the picture of the mechanic giving some 'tude. Also, I am impressed with the cleanliness (and all the light) of that garage. So many garages I have been too look like a cross between a apocalyptic junk yark and the inside of a French prison cell. I always appreciate a business that is organized.

    1. David:

      My mechanic has a clean shop. All tools are returned to their rightful place after each job and the workplace/lifts are wiped of oil droppings all the time.

      I don't have a lot of gadgets but I may not have access to power and I need my iPhone apps to find accommodations and to check email.

  3. Bob, I'm hoping we can meet during your trip East. Took my first ride of the season yesterday, see my blog for details. Will take a longer trip tomorrow to see my sister and generally enjoy the roads east of Toronto.
    Hope your wife recovers quickly. I'm sort of familiar with the recuperation process myself this year. If she needs physical activity, do encourage her - I'm glad I made the effort. My ife has been walking with me around our local lake and pushes me to walk faster - it has paid real dividends.

    I recall that I was really busy getting ready for my big trip out west and back. It was a great experience and I hope you find it thoroughly enjoyable and have zero bike issues. Do keep me advised of your plans.

    1. Ed:

      I sent you an email with a quick outline of my plan. It was good to see you are back on your bike, but take it easy for now. Don't rush it.

      This will be the first trip where I have not made any reservations. I intend to go with the flow as much as I can but I have to be in two specific places on certain dates which makes things a bit structured. My original plan was to be fluid but that is hard to do when you have others who are also making vacation plans and have booked specific days off from work, so I have to be respectful of their time too

  4. Yamaha SR 500 in the top picture. Kick start single cylinder calls to me as strongly as it did in 1979. They still build it in Japan and it is the antithesis of more is better. I wish they would bring it back. It would be competition for my well worn Bonneville. Less can be more.

    1. Mr Conch:

      My friend used to have an XT500 single. Same engine and I learned how to start it. I have always wanted an SR600X you can still find them around and there is a cult following. They have an achilles heel but I can't remember what it was. there is a week part in the engine which can break under stress and you have to careful

  5. Good to hear Mrs Skoot is healing nicely Bob, keep up the good work of waiting on her hand and foot!

    I like spotwalla, it was RichardM who clued me in on its ability to store data for long periods of time.


    1. Dom:

      I couldn't do any Spot2 testing today as I was having my bike worked on. I believe I have it all set up. I just have to set up a new "trip". I like the idea that I can set up safety zones and the fact that data is not deleted after 30 days, especially when your trip is longer than 30 days.

      I hope to hear good news from you that the Powerarc was faulty, that you had your Ducati ignition put back in, and that you got a refund for the Powerarc and Valencia is running so well that you are continuing your trip as planned.

  6. Bob, glad to hear Yvonne is on the mend. My own preparations are progressing too.

  7. More farkles, aren't they fun?

    Glad you got the sport. It will give you and Yvonne (and us) peace of mind when you are riding.

    The Spotwalla link is cool. We've never used that site before when Brad uses his Spot.

    Glad Yvonne is healing up quick. Soon she will be race ready and able to lift her leg to kick you in the pants.