Friday, April 22, 2016

A Different Kind of Adventure

ScooterBob has been enjoying a different sort of adventure over the past week.

ToadMama and ScooterBob

Robert was kind enough to express-ship ScooterBob to me for a serendipitous adventure. After arriving safely at my house (Kathy aka ToadMama) in Virginia on April 14, ScooterBob accompanied my husband, Mike, and I on a cross-country flight to Seattle, Washington.

ScooterBob with my grand kids, Brianna, Joey, and Gaige.
After meeting and spending a few days with some of my family, ScooterBob and I headed north to surprise a mutual blogger friend.

ScooterBob at Happy Hour with Dar and Me

ScooterBob and I traveled by high-speed passenger ferry to Victoria, BC.

I think Bob would have really enjoyed this unplanned air, land, and sea adventure with me, safely tucked into my very special accessories bag.

A very special travel pouch.
Traveling on the Victoria Clipper.
The ferry ride was gorgeous.

ScooterBob and I toured Victoria during the morning and early afternoon -- pics to come in another post -- then met Dar (Princess Scooterpie) for Happy Hour. Dar knew I was coming, but I didn't tell her I was bringing a very special guest.

ScooterBob was more than happy to join us for drinks, food, and a nice, long chat.

We toasted ScooterBob, of course.

Dar was happy to see ScooterBob, in a bittersweet sort of way. He would have been super-tickled to see us finally meet.

Then today, ScooterBob drove south with Hubby and me to Centralia, Washington, where we finally met another pair of folks who are familiar to most of you. I hadn't told them that ScooterBob would be joining us either.

Brandy (Trobairitz), Brad (Troubadour), and Me (ToadMama)

ScooterBob enjoying a lovely lunch with us.

Doesn't Brandy (Trobaritz' Tablet) look fabulous in her sassy new hairdo? She and Brad (Troubadour's Treks) make such a cute couple.

Speaking of cute couples, here's a shot of ScooterBob with Hubby and me.

ScooterBob with Hubby and Me
I was really happy that ScooterBob arrived in time to visit his old friends with me. Bob loved meeting and hanging out with fellow moto-bloggers, didn't he?

I hope y'all enjoyed this little, unplanned but fun surprise. :-)

I'll share more pics from our Victoria visit in my next post. We'll be headed back to Virginia soon, where I'll be taking ScooterBob on some long-awaited two-wheeled adventures.


  1. Kathy that is so amazing.

    Susan and I are having breakfast with Bob's widow Yvonne tomorrow.

    Looking forward to the Victoria post.

    1. David, please give my best regards to Yvonne.

    2. Please say hello to Yvonne for me, too. It was odd in a way having him so close to his home.

  2. I was beyond excited to finally meet Kathy and when she pulled out Scooterbob, I cried. Bob's magic is still at work, he is still bringing us together.

  3. Kathy, this is wonderful, what a great surprise, and on top you got to meet with other moto bloggers. This is spot on what Bobskoot would have had in mind when traveling.

    1. Sonja, I agree. I don't even feel bad that no two wheeled vehicles were involved. 😄

      I'll show him some two-wheeled dun when we get back to Virginia.

  4. This is a great post! Thank you for sharing the meet ups.

  5. Thanks, Richard. I was thrilled to be able to take ScooterBob along. I am always going to regret not having met Bob in person, and am honored to have the opportunity to show ScooterBob around in his memory.

  6. Good to see how much happiness SB gives!

  7. I'm just glad Bob was able to get to you in time. :) I'm glad that he was able to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

  8. Thank you again for taking the time from your vacation to meet with us. We were excited to meet you and Mike and seeing ScooterBob there was the icing on the cake. I'd like to think Bob would be smiling every time bloggers get together. I know he enjoyed meeting all that he could.

  9. I expressed all of your kind regards to Yvonne over breakfast this morning and she truly appreciates the gracious thoughts.

  10. This is just so cool, Kathy! I didn't (virtually) know ScooterBob, but it's clear he was much admired. So glad you got to meet 3 other Moto bloggers in person, how fun!