Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Quick Update

Thanks to many of you, ScooterBob has enjoyed some amazing adventures all around this wide, wonderful world of ours. He's earned a few scars in the process as any true adventure rider would. Some are quite serious.

I must admit, I had to chuckle when I found the little pouch of parts amongst the other bling ScooterBob has collected during his travels.

The weather here hasn't been ideal, and I haven't quite gotten motivated enough to venture out on two wheels in the gloom. So, today, I decided to send ScooterBob out for repairs.

He needs the brief break. No pun intended.

ScooterBob's current state of disrepair.
Have no fear, though. My Hubby is a magician with wood.

After carefully examining the pieces, Hubby said, "Well, he's not a total loss. I can fix him."

ScooterBob may not look perfect when finished, but the bike will be sound. He'll be able to complete his journey and enjoy more visits with friends. What more could a moto-adventurer ask for? :-)

I'll let y'all know when the surgery is complete.


  1. The typical signs of wear and tear while traveling in a box...

  2. Not to mention getting carted to exotic locations around the world. :-)

  3. He is a hearty little scooter!

  4. Everyone needs a motorcycle repair/rebuild project at least once. Looking forward to a totally refurbed BobScoot.

  5. Please relay our thanks to your Hubby

  6. Now that is devotion to the cause.

    The truth is that Scooterbob is doing way better than the US version of Hitchbot did. He has been patched up in the hands of his guides, never dispatched, like Hitchbot in Philly.

    Thank you for your help in restoring our little vintage globetrotting scooter!

    1. I'm not sure if that is a fair comparison. While ScooterBob is going to fellow motobloggers who requested him, Hitchbot was basically passed on from stranger to stranger.

  7. Hooray for Mike's handy woodworking skills. This should be easy after the grandfather clock he built.