Saturday, April 23, 2016

ScooterBob's Visit to Victoria, BC

I packed ScooterBob into a special travel pouch, cushioned with bubble wrap, to surprise Dar when I met her in Victoria. We took the Victoria Clipper, a passenger-only ferry that travels between Seattle and Victoria. The ride takes about 2.5 hours each way.

Who knew ScooterBob would be enjoying maritime adventures? :-)

The inside of the ferry was nice enough, but it was such a pretty day, I couldn't sit inside the whole time. There was no life preserver for ScooterBob, so he stayed in the cabin.

View from the back deck of the ferry.

Olympic Mountains


Welcome to Victoria

Coast Guard Pier

Victoria Harbor

Water Taxi in Victoria Harbor

Victoria Clipper from opposite side of harbor.

Parliament Building

It would have been nicer to be going on a two-wheeled adventure on one of these roads...

But, since that wasn't an option, I just walked around town with ScooterBob in tow.

The ferry arrived in Victoria around 11:00, and Dar wasn't going to be free until about 3:30 or so. Since it was a pretty day, I decided exploring the city park would be a good option.

It was a beautiful place. The grounds are extremely well-maintained, there were flowers everywhere, and multiple ponds.

Very large rhododendron.

Forest Stream

Wildflower Meadow

The Moss Lady
The Moss Lady was definitely my favorite discovery in the park.

Blue Wildflower

Looking out over Strait of Juan de Fuca.

ScooterBob wanted to ride through the meadow.

ScooterBob admiring the flowers.

One of many ponds.

Famous old stone bridge.

Pretty pond reflections.

ScooterBob with the Moss Lady.

ScooterBob at the duck pond.

Totem Poles at the BC Museum.

I talked about meeting Dar in a previous post, but decided to share this pic again.

Dar, ScooterBob, and me, enjoying happy hour.
Unfortunately, I had to be back at the ferry dock at 5:15-5:30. Dar walked me over to the terminal and then headed home, which is on the opposite side of the harbor. She told me to look for her and Poocha (her dog) as the ferry left the harbor.

I did look, and there they were on the shore. Dar was waving, and waving, and waving. I was on the back of the boat waving, too.

Dar snapped this selfie while she waited for the ferry to pass.

Dar (Princess Scooterpie)
She also took this picture of our ferry leaving the harbor.

ScooterBob and me, heading back to Seattle
Sunset captured from the back of the ferry.

I really, really enjoy sunsets, and I don't get to see them often. At least not clear, full-sky views like that seen from the back of the ferry as it motored toward Seattle.

I showed ScooterBob around a bit today, too. I'll share those pics in the next post, which will very likely be written from Virginia. We fly back east tomorrow morning.

It's been a wonderful visit, but I'm excited about showing ScooterBob some of my favorite sights around Virginia.


  1. Great photos, its really good to see what other bloggers are doing with lil scooterbob. He's seen more of the world than I have thats for sure.

    1. Thanks, ChillyT. πŸ˜„

      I had no idea when ScooterBob would be coming to me. This PNW adventure was a definite bonus.

  2. Agreed, the moss lady is great!

  3. Wonderful post Kathy.

    I have been to Victoria once, way back in 2008. It holds a special place in my memories because that's where my moto adventures began, when, against my better judgment, I took what I was sure was a crazy risk and rented a tiny scooter for an afternoon. It turned out to be one of my best decisions.

    One of these days I'll be back and meet up with Dar.

    1. Thanks, David. Funny how it started in Victoria for you. I hope to continue this recent trend of moto-blogger meet-ups. It's so much fun!

  4. Awesome day Kathy. I still think it is so great you were able to bring ScooterBob west with you.

    Beacon Hill park has so many things to see. it looks like you and ScooterBob had a lovely time.

    And not only did you get to see Dar, but it is neat that she got to wave goodbye from the other side of the harbor too.

    1. Brandy, tend whole waving thing had us both teary-eyed. I should start a PNW savings fund so I can come back and see you all again!

  5. Beautiful. We're headed up in July, your photos have only increased the anticipation. While I never met Bob, I read all from him and about him when I was considering becoming a blogger.

    I can only imagine how happy he is, seeing how he carried on in people's hearts and the continued travels he inspired.

    Glad you got to see the Northwest, travel safe.


    1. Thanks, Don. It's a gorgeous place. You should enjoy the visit in July. Make sure you book a whale watching trip.

  6. You, Dar, ScooterBob, the Moss Lady, beautiful weather, and all of this in Victoria... that's what I'd call serendipity. Thanks for making this happen and keeping Bob's spirit alive, Kathy.

    1. Agree 100%, Sonja! Weird how the timing all worked out. πŸ€“

  7. Thanks for all of the wonderful photos of Victoria. I haven't been there since the early 70s and we really didn't have much time to look around.

  8. Richard, I'm glad you enjoyed them. When we met up with you, I had no idea ScooterBob would be coming along for the trip. I had so much fun showing him around. Now to share some of my favorite spots in and around Virginia. πŸ˜„

  9. Love reading of ScooterBob's adventures. Looks like he had a nice day out.

  10. It was awesome to see you and Scooterbob! I think you actually saw way more of my town than I usually do, particularly during warm weather. BTW I had to use all my traffic tactics to make it home, pick up the dog and get to the rock to wave goodbye. Traffic was a standstill and can usually take 20 minutes just to navigate through that tiny stretch to the Johnson Street bridge, but it was worth it and Poocha was happy for the walk! The thing I love the best about all of this is that Bob is still bringing all us together, its like he is saying "keep in touch with each other and hold fast to your friendships".

    1. Awesome seeing you, too! I DID walk a lot. :-)

      I was wondering how you made it home so quickly. LOL! And, yes, Bob is still influencing many of us in various ways. I would have loved to have met him in person, but am having lots of fun with ScooterBob in his honor.

  11. Great pics, and I love the moss lady too! We were in Victoria in the late 90s so we are definitely due another is on the short list! :-)