Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An innocent peek

I don't know where the time is going. I've been busy for the past month or so. I'm so far behind I don't know where to start and when the weather co-operates I leave it all behind and go for a ride. We have to make hay while the sun shines for soon we will be into the cooler weather. Rainy season is coming.

Misfortunes all started a couple of months ago. First my tooth broke, then my roof decided it need replacing and I would have preferred to purchase one of these


instead of for the repairs. Every time I look up at my roof I imagine that I am riding my new bike. I'm not fussy, could be a Thruxton or Street Triple. I love the sound of a screaming triple engine.


A quick glance of the cockpit reveals that Triumph decided to install the Tach as standard equipment.

Climate change has made our summers warmer than usual. Being on the Wet Coast of Canada we are subjected to the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures along the coast are generally much cooler than inland. There is often more than 10c degrees difference in temperatures so riding with full riding gear has not been pleasant. A few weekends ago it was another hot day so I decided it would be more pleasant to visit an independant dealer whom specializes in Beemers .


Just look at the classic lines of the "R" type bike. There is just something magical at looking at these works of art from the past which seem more suited to be displayed in a museum rather than being exposed to the elements one encounters on the road.

it's so titillating to see these huge jugs hanging off each side .


Here is the dash of the bike parked to the right. This one has a Tach


I think the cylinders are so photogenic, unlike the utilitatian "K" models


this bike also has a Tach


and a shaft drive


I am not a mechanic but I asked what maintenance had to be performed on this shaft and they said that you had to lube the output shaft every 15K miles, and also the splines, I think. He said they charge $250. to do this service.


they did have a few bikes for sale which I believe were consignment bikes. There is no warranty on consignments but I would imagine that they had been serviced regularly by this reputable dealer. They had an R80/7 , an R65LS and a R100RT . All were affordable but today I was just looking.

Not that I am going to be making any rash decisions . I know, it starts with a look, then you have to touch one and now I have an urge to sit on a few . If only I lived closer to West Chester, PA. There is a nice K75 which is hardly ever ridden. I am sure the owner wouldn't even miss it if one night I decided to roll it out of the garage without him knowing

They are also an Ural dealer. If I lived closer to Centennial, CO I would consider purchasing one but it has to be Redleg approved and modified first


They also sell new Royal Enfields.


most of you will probably not know that Yellow is my favourite colour (not necessarily PINK). On the other side of the showroom this caught my eye.


it was like a sports car and also sported a shaft drive. I wanted to try it on for size but it was on the center stand and I didn't wish to roll it off in case it fell the wrong way.

but I put myself in hover mode and leaned over as if I was riding just to feel the sensation of the wind in my face .


From the rider's seat you can see the huge jugs jutting out the sides. It makes me smile

Am am growing an affection for Airheads, they are so erotic looking, err . . . I mean exotic looking

(More JUG porn)

At the last BBQ bike night, I noticed this R80G/S PD


I am trying to find the phone number for BMW Anonymous. It can't be happening. It started with a photo, then I touched one and now I want to sit on one. Please help . . .

I can't keep my eyes off their JUGS


  1. It all begins with a look. As Jack once urged me when I was looking, "Drink the Kool-Aide." Nice to visit you.

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  3. Bob:
    Everybody makes nice bikes! It's just the kiddie in the sweetie shop syndrome :-).

    When I did my "paper" shortlist before settling on the Triple, I honestly thought that the Thruxton Bonneville would be my bike of choice. However, sitting on it both statically and riding, I simply didn't feel part of the total package. I did on the Triple and that was the end of it.

    The road to selection is a rocky one....

  4. The Beemer bug got you... finally... I rest my case.

  5. I cannot imagine replacing my Bonneville. The chain and sprockets are still like new at 60,000 kilometers. I used to think a belt or shaft were best but I am finding modern o ring chains and a Loobman work wonders.
    Considering the number of miles I ride I like reliability above all and ease of maintenance. And modern motorcycles offer both unlike Enfields Urals and old BMWs, which last were the height of touring ease of use when I was a kid. I have always preferred riding to shopping so I feel lucky I hit it right with trhe Bonneville. I never much liked the looks of the Suzuki and never really understood the need for water cooling on an engine design Ducati has air cooled for decades but it is a fine motorcycle that ADV Riders take all over the place, and you have spent a fortune making it yours. Now you need to make a change already?
    Don't drink the Kool Aid. Go for a ride.

  6. Bob

    You would need to take care not to melt your crocs(tm) on those jugs whilst gazing at the tacho.

    N from England

    I'll make an appointment for you to see that Greek "Beemer Girl" - in fact she is a qualified sex therapist specialising in jug fixation syndrome.

  7. Dear Conchshooter

    I guess with 2 cylinders especially mounted in the superior boxer (or as Bob calls it the jug) configuration air cooling is OK (albeit modern BMW boxers need oil cooling of the cylinder head), but water cooling means the engine can work at closer tolerances etc etc as there is less variation in working temperature.
    I do like the aura of the Bonneville tho'.... I might buy Mrs Nikos one (she wanted one of those ghastly Royal Enfield things tut tut)

  8. Wouldn't you like a glass of this nice Cool Aid? Just one sip and you will hooked.

  9. Bobskoot,
    You must think to yourself:
    Must Resist
    Must Resist
    Must Resist
    I was on jury duty almost all of last week. I am so behind at the office right now because of it. I made a list on Monday and have tried to whittle away at it.
    But one day last week as I was walking back to the courthouse I saw a R1150GS. What a sweet looking machine. He was stopped at a stoplight, but I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him peel away when the light changed. The sound of the bike was impressive. Not loud like a Harley, but sweet and powerful.
    I am thinking that the Kool Aid is potentially extremely addictive.
    Must Resist
    Must Resist


  10. Don't listen to them. Throw a tarp over the roof and get the bike. Looks like that yellow one has your name on it...and you already know where to get some crocs to match!

  11. I like the kick starter on the R100RT in one of your pictures. I was originally looking for one with a kicker but no luck. If you aren't willing to be your own mechanic, an airhead may not be a good fit. They seem to need a lot of maintenence, most of it pretty simple, but having it done by someone else is costly.

    I like mine because it's simple. Air cooled, gravity feed from the tank to the carbs, and hardly any electronics. What little there is doesn't need specialized tools. Sufficient horsepower from an engine that sounds like a sewing machine.

    Richard My blog

  12. Dear Bobskoot:

    You bastard! You are getting much better at this sarcasm game. I walked into your blog ambush this afternoon with my eyes half open, and got the bucket of flour dumped on my head for my trouble.

    Well done, Bob! For the second time in a month.

    Now, to begin setting the record straight. I do not have a nice K75 here in West Chester. I have a magnificent K75, that is becoming a signature bike through the application of tasteful, useful, farkle. I ride with a club that is 98% mechnical engineers. One percent are tool and die makers. The remaining one percent are unbelievably sexy women.

    I rode this bike all summer, on the hottest days, not realizing the cooling fan module had crapped out. The oversize radiator on this beast never got hot once. The bike never overheated. But it is a "K" bike, and no human understands how they are put together. When they need service, you will write whole chapters in your checkbook.

    But the joy of ridng a Beemer is such that you won't give a shit. Rare is the Beemer pilot who switches t another machine.

    There is an elite "Airheads" group in my state. They hold an annual meeting once a year. Participants come frm California, Toronto, and Europe. For three days, they discuss every mechanical aspect of these bikes. I have no idea why. The parts are still available from BMW. All you have to do is write a check.

    But these guys routinely ride machines that are 40 and 50 years old — across country. I have watched them do routine valve adjustment in a Dairy Queen parking lot in under 15 minutes. The valves on some of these "R" bikes need to be adjusted anywhere from 5,000 miles to 15,000 miles. Or much longer. My buddy Dick rides an "R" bike and he adjust his valves every 2 years. His machine hits triple digits every week.


  13. The "K" bikes are special. Look at a 2003 or a 2004 K1200GT. They have about 125-130 hp, and will hit 125 mph faster than you can imagine, and hold it most of the day. (The 2004 has power assisted brakes, with an electric pump.) The are the best brakes in the industry, but were discontinued for the utterly abrupt manner in which they stopped the bikes. Two of my friends have these brakes and love them.

    Newer BMWs are wrapped in "Tupperware" body work. You have to tap the machine with Gandalf's wand to find a way inside. It can take 25 minutes to an hour to get the bodywork off. (My last K75 had a Sprint fairing. You had to remove all of it (an hour) to adjust or replace the headlights. (It was British designed and built for Triumphs. It came with Lucas wiring, which I replaced inch by inch.)

    "R" bikes are addictive. From that odd sound they make to the way they ride, they come with a curse. You'll never be happy with one... You'll end up with three. My buddy Pete has 2. My friend Lee has 8. My friend Marge has 17.

    I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO GET A BMW. You will either hate it, or become an Axis zombie. It's not exactly just owning a motorcycle. It's like making a contract with a kind of devil. Ask Sharon... Ask Lori... Ask Rick Slark... Ask Nikos... Ask Sonja... Ask them if they would give up their Beemers for another marque. They might have a second bike from another Marque... But they won't give up the Beemer. That's my bet.

    So drink the Koolaid... What can it cost? Somewhere between $8,000 and $24,000 USD. You got that buried in the lawn.

    I got a good laugh out of you tonight!

    Jack ®iepe
    Twisted Roads

    Not unless you have a great shop close by... A great club to ride with...

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  15. Jack is right about Bob damning K bikes with faint praise. I rode a K100RS for many years and loved it. Also did my one and only runner from the Highway Patrol on it.

    Being a Mechanical Engineer like so many other K riders (according to Jack), I was able to fix the odd problem, like the water pump impellor nut trepanning its way out of the front cover for example!

    I would have no problem returning to BMW's when I'm REALLY old, although their superbike is very tempting right now :-. (If I had permission and the money to do so)

  16. OOOhhhh....Jack said it correctly...they are a curse...A curse of smiles hidden behind helmets, goofy grins and innane babble after making that perfect run through the twisties. I honestly didn't want hubby to get an R. I wanted to be the only smart one in the group with the perfect bike. But he just couldn't handle it anymore and turned from the bar and shield to the marque.

    And minor wrenching is very learnable on these. TB Sync, valve adjustments, changing tires... Just look at how easy it is to caress those valves through those jugs!!

    Do what you need to do. There will always be one waiting for you because these jugs won't sag. :) -Lori

  17. That Ural looks like a much cleaner version of mine. Sell your car can buy it! Then you can ride year round like us!

  18. Beautiful Bikes! I especially love the old Beemers! Those were great bikes!

  19. Bob

    just go ahead, as the others have urged, take a drink from the Beemer koolaid and join us along the path of Teutonic righteousness and light! Of course, there are those who ride Beemers who've strayed a bit off the path with K-Bikes but we don't speak of them in polite company. : )

    That was a beautiful airhead you shot pictures of, with her "nice jugs" sticking out there in the wind. I feel the same way about my Brigitta.

    As to a Ural, you can do that as well! They're really not that hard to work on and I hear the newer ones are light years ahead of my Natasha in terms of quality and reliability. "Just pack the tool kit though, just in case".


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