Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kymco Xciting 500Ri Maxi-scooter

While I still have a few things to say about our Oregon IMBC2010 trip last month I wanted to divert your attention to my lonely scooter which has been just sitting in the corner gathering dust.


I have been using my Suzuki V-strom nearly exclusively since last year. I have been in the habit of always plugging it into a battery tender and last year when it went to sleep for the winter, I filled the tank and ran fuel stabilizer through the FI system. A couple of months ago I was thinking of insuring my scooter but summer was slow to arrive and by the time the good weather came it was time to prepare my Wee for the trip to Oregon. I couldn't see any sense in insuring the machine just to leave it parked. I ride nearly year round depending upon ice and fog and my Wee is my commuter machine.


Then I got to thinking that perhaps I should insure it for a few months. Here in British Columbia, the shortest insurance period is 3 months. I thought that it would be better to keep things operational or things inside the engine would dry up and seals in the braking system would fail due to non-use. Being a long holiday weekend I decided to re-insure my Kymco X500Ri on Sunday. I came home to give it a wash and went for a little ride.


I decided to go downtown to the Vancouver Chinatown night market. It is difficult to find parking but you can always tuck your scooter behind the telephone pole in the laneway.

I left and went for a little ride around the Strathcona area, came back and parked on the other side of the market where I found street parking between other parked cars.


I parked behind the Porsche Cheyenne Turbo while I notice another Vespa scooter parked in front. This is the smaller of our two night markets, which only operate during the weekends but parking is easier. The larger market in Richmond has more limited parking and 2 wheeled vehicles have to pay the same $5. fee to park.

Like other major cities, parking fees contribute to the city coffers and in this depressed economy the City of Vancouver needs every penny they can muster. All parking meters are in effect until 10pm every night, 7 days a week (includes Sundays and Holidays), NO exceptions. I think in the Downtown area you are being charged around $6.50 / hour. Bikes can share spaces with cars, but if the meter is expired, you both receive tickets. You are allowed to put as many bikes in a space as will fit, but all will get tickets if the meter is out of time.


As I am riding around I just noticed that it was nearing sunset so I try to find a spot to take a few shots of my bike. I parked my scooter in front of the Scooter Hive for a photo and see the note that Christian has written on the door to his scooter repair business. Congratulations to Christian and Natashia for their new baby.


I find my way to the road which follows the waterfront and get a skyline shot


I head east to the cannery and just catch the remnants of the magic light


From a different angle I manage to capture a little more of the building and wharf


As you follow this road westbound you travel under Canada Place and come up on the other side of Burrard Street


I am too late for the sunset. By the time I arrive at Granville Island it is nearly dark but I pose my scooter for a few final shots with the Burrard Bridge in the background


I take a frontal view of my bike with the Granville Bridge behind


After a few miles I got used to the automatic CVT. The seating position is lower than my V-strom and the CG is much lower which makes it feel like a sports car.

I had an enjoyable ride and took home a few photos for my trouble.

Little did I know at the time that this was going to be my LAST RIDE . . .


  1. Wait, what? Your last ride? You can't end a blog post like that.

  2. Last ride on the scooter? No rest for anyone until the next post...

  3. Great photos and report as always. I'm not sure I've gotten a good look at your scooter before. I like the scenery around the cannery and Granville bridge. I can't seem to get enough of photos of industrial type settings and bridges. All are nice though.

    Sheesh, way to make a cliff-hanger! Waiting with bated breath!

  4. It's been nice reading your Blogs Bob...

  5. About time you get your scooter out. Can't be bobSKOOT if it rots in the garage! :)

  6. I have a friend that had a Kymco much like yours. He traded it in for a 650 Burgman which he really likes. Can't wait to hear what is happening next.

  7. It's nice to see you have taken the Xciting out of the mothballs. I now know of the 2 bike dilemma, I'm lucky that insurance for both bikes is not much more than for just one. I have only done a small bit of riding this summer, but I have tried to give both bikes a similar amount of saddle time. Don't want one getting jealous.

    The ending of your post has left us hanging and breathlessly waiting for closure. I can only assume that it's the end of the summer blogging season and we must now wait until September for the new season, or you Wee was in a jealous rage for riding the other bike and destroyed it... Please don't make us wait until the Fall blogging season.

  8. Last ride?

    Did you sell it to Otto? He is looking for a bigger scoot.

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    Thank you for sending me the private message that detailed what you meant by "The Last Ride." I couldn't put it down and read it several times:

    "Parking my scooter by the side of the river, I opened the topcase and withdrew my Crocs. I judged the distance out to the middle, the deepest part, then threw them in.

    "Next I pulled a pint of rum out of the topcase, swigged it down, and launched the bottle in the same direction as the Crocs. With a mighty heave, I shoved the scooter into the river too.

    "Then I got a tattoo, picked up a $50 hooker, and bought a red hot BMW motorcycle. It's time for a change"

    I sincerely hope you didn't crash, or suffer a heart attack. But it sounds to me like you sold the scooter.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  10. Y'know, I was just thinking about you and whether you still had a scooter. Or do you..?

    Scootin' Old Skool

  11. More and more I am starting to see the value of a scooter as it relates to making photos. Unless, of course, it drives you to become like Jack!

    You must have been reading Louis L'amour novels. He does the same thing with his chapters. At least you can immediately go to the next page.

    Never figured you for such a tease, my friend. So it was you playing footsies with me under the table at Shari's then? All this time I thought it was Brad!

  12. ...little did I know Cheyenne was going to fall into an alligator infested Blue Hole...

  13. Group Reply:

    thank you for your concern. Nothing BAD, no accidents or anything like that. It will all become clear with the next post

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I hope all is okay with Cheyenne and you got her out before the Alligators went to work.

  14. Working towards the newer posts, so anticipating what might have occurred. But what I really want to know is what is the distance between all those shots?? The light was great in so many of them! -Lori