Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladner Village Market

I find lately that I am enjoying my solitude rides. It was another warm day, and I was at home wondering what to do. I think we work hard enough during the week without wasting the weekends by staying home . Ladner is a small community south of Vancouver along the banks of the Fraser River. Heading down Hwy it is the first exit from the Deas Island Tunnel about a short 30 minute ride from home and we are there


I go to my favourite secret parking spot and find that it has been commandeered for Handicapped parking. I have to circle around and eventually find a spot to squeeze my bike in


It is still a fairly warm day and it takes a few moments to doff my riding gear. I wear shorts under my riding pants and get rid of my riding boots. I find it more comfortable to wear sandals while walking about and savour the sweet aroma of cooking food


I think they do this on purpose to get your taste buds excited . I just love carmelized anything, from burgers to fried onions but today I had will power


I think burgers are more exotic when served in small quantities and these bite-sized tidbits were hard to ignore as I continued on my way down the street


There were food concessions everywhere with a selection of beverages from which to choose. I was thirsty but decided to walk over to the supermarket and purchase a small bottle of ice tea . I'm not sure what they mean by Flying Falafels, perhaps they throw them to you when they are ready


It was quite crowded as I made my way along the street, in stark contrast to the market down in Gainsville, FL

I noticed that there we a few photographers here with their big lenses.


Ladner is a small town with a sense of community. During the summer they close off the main streets and host this market which brings out the local artists and craftspeople to display their handiwork . It is held every couple of weeks or so throughout the summer months

It was warm in the sun and it was a relief to finally get some shade under the trees


this next photo is for Jack "what's his name"


I think having one of these delicacies will make you forget you even own a K75 . If you happen to have a free Sunday with nothing planned, then this would be a great place to spend a few hours, have a beverage and a meal and walk about to view all the things for sale


there's nothing like the smell of freshly baked goods


or fresh vegetables and fruits direct from your local farmer


One thing I find annoying is the unkind glances I receive from the photographers who have images on display. They cost more if you refer to them as images rather than just photos. Everyone of them told me not to take photos of their work, I mean if I want a photo, err Image, I would take it myself. I told one that I would never purchase an image from someone else to hang on my wall when I have professional cameras and can do it myself. I eventually went to my 3rd image maker and he saw me with my camera. His work is similiar to mine and I recognized where many had been taken. His work was rather stunning. Highly saturated colours and ultra high constrast made his images have an unreal look to them. He purchased a large format printer Epson 38xx something or other and they look better than a pro lab


We instantly bonded and he allowed me to take this photo. We chatted for some time and eventually I decided to leave


I am not a botanist and like that curmudgeon down in KW I do not know the names of any flowers that pop out of the ground, but I noticed some bright flashes of colour coming out of the street planters so I decided to give it a try and take a shot of this "Yellow" flower. (YELLOW being a technical term)

So for BlueKat and Eve . . . here you are

(Canon G10: 1/250 f4.0 iso 160 macro mode)


  1. Nice flower Bob. You show encouraging signs of becoming a Sensitive New Age Guy. I'm now ravenous after your market shots!

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit...and Bob heaven with all those tempting treats! The last photographer sounds like a nice guy to visit with and talk about photography. the "yellow" flower! :)

  3. Bob

    Sex sex sex - what is happening here? Even the botanical photo displays the stamens in such a way that the religion of that innocent yellow flower can even be identified. You have been reading that blog Twisted Roads so I think you must know exactly what the purpose is of that primary reproductive organ - it is after all the raison d'etre of that poor innocent yellow flower!

    Fondest regards, N the innocent petal

  4. The smoke in those images of the food vendors made me start salivating of the Strawberry Festival in San Luis Obispo...tri tip sandwiches...YUM.

    And that is about my speed for the botany lesson too. :) -Lori

  5. Dear Bobskoot:

    Is there a significant theft factor regarding images that are rephotographed (at what must be a hell of a disadvantage) as they hang in stalls at craft shows?

    Because unless there is, I would tell a vendor who gave me a hard time (just because I was wearing a camera around my neck) to shove his pictures up his ass. It is my limited experience that many who regard themselves as "professionals" are a scant step away from mediocre.

    I was at a party one night when a guy heard that I was a writer. He told me that he had a great idea for a novel, but that he couldn't tell me as I'd probably steal it. I told him that great ideas are on sale 50 for a nickel. But great novels come along once or twice in a lifetime, and as I had just read two, he was out of the running.

    I have removed myself from the great open market cook-offs. I am having a hard enough time keeping away from the table as it is. I'm assuming that the "Better Than Sex" shot referred to chocolate. I have not had candy or chocolate in nearly two months. But if I had my choice, I'd favor orange peels in dark chocolate.

    Nice post tonight.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. If an image maker, err photographer, told me not to take a picture of their work I would.... 1. Tell them not to be so stupid, as their pictures are not good enough to take a picture of, 2. Ask under what law they had the right to say such a thing, 3. Give then an unkind glance back, 4. Take a picture anyway!

    I remember once I was walking along with hundreds of other people in the sunshine through an office / shopping complex in London with a camera around my neck, and I was approached by a private security guard who told me this was private property and I was not allowed to take photos.

    I told him that was ridiculous and took his picture! He was not amused, but there was nothing he could do. What a jerk!

  7. Geoff:

    As for being sensitive, I am following in your footsteps, that is . . . if you slow down enough for me to keep you in sight


    I think that photographers who are comfortable with their abilities, don't mind. They all seem overly protective of their images for fear of us taking a good enough photo to actually have it framed and hanging on the wall, but we know that is impossible. Or we will try to find that exact same spot to place our Crocs and snap the same photo in the hopes of doing it ourself, thus depriving them of a livelihood. Perhaps Chuck will chime in from his perspective


    I'm at a loss for words and have lost you with your explanation. Perhaps you could get that BeemerGirl to demonstrate and give me a "hands On" demonstration of what you mean


    Please ignore prev reference to BeemerGirl, I was referring to a different BeemerGirl, not you specifially. Whew !

    Yes, smoke is a huge draw. I think they also have a fan to blow the smoke and food smells to make you hungry. I know nothing about plants or fauna and I think you would have to learn Latin in order to spell their names. I have a M/C GoProHD video on deck from our ride this past weekend. Sorry, no waterfalls, but there was some water falling from the skies, if that counts

    Jackie rIEPE:

    MMMMmmmm, I also like Orange Peels dipped in chocolate. I found a source of reasonably priced delicasies exactly as described at, Trader Joes. Do you have one close to you ? The closest one is in Bellingham. They have plastic tubs of Orange Peel in dark chocolate. I have to wait for the heat of summer to pass before I can bring some back, otherwise they would be melted into on fat Glob (I didn't mean you).


    we have the same problem with Security in the malls up here. They think you are taking photos of their surveilance equipment. You can't even snap photos of Bridges nor anything near the waterfront, nor stop on Dams.

    I see you are a rebel. Tell you not to do something and you will do it anyway at the first opportunity.

  8. Bob - Yeah a real rebel. I was at a pool a few days ago with the usual "No Diving" sign. The rebel in me came out and I dived in of course....

  9. Dear All:

    If I had a nickel for every time a tourist has pointed their fancy point and shoot digital camera at my photos, I'd be rich. When I'm aware of this action happening, I ask that they do not do it. People are mostly cooperative, though I've had some very obnoxious jerks as well.

    A little perspective from the photographer-artist side: first, I've spent well over 30 years practicing my craft as well as untold thousands of dollars on state of the art equipment. I have also often made numerous trips to the same location, expending many hours effort in making the image (photo) people see on display at my booth. That, folks, is my work. That is my time, money, energy, vision, and presentation. It is also protected by our country's copyright law. Is it really that unreasonable to expect that my creative work should be respected and not stolen? Yes ... stolen ... for the act of a tourist taking a picture of my work is really not any different than walking out of the grocery store with a loaf of bread and not expecting to pay for it.

    Hopefully this will add some perspective to this particular question.

  10. In these circumstances, there is a huge difference between being told not to take a photograph and being asked not to. Chuck’s approach of asking people not to take photos of his work who are already doing so is absolutely fine, but as Jack said, being told not to take a picture just because you are carrying a camera is totally different. The presumption that you might want to take a photo of their work to copy it is what is wrong here. I absolutely agree with Chucks perspective and I would never take a ‘square on’ picture of someone else’s work to copy it, but if I was taking a general scene that included photographs being displayed that clearly would not result in copying, then if I wanted to, I probably would. That is not stealing the original work.

    I imagine that there are real difficulties with copyright law. If someone takes a photo of a photo and then tries to present that as their own, then clearly that is an infringement of copyright. However, where does a general shot, such as Bob’s picture of the photographer with his stand behind, fall in copyright law? Clearly Bob has taken a photo of the photographers work, but Bob is not representing himself as having taken the original picture, nor is he gaining a financial advantage, so I would assume no copyright law has been broken here. So there must be a fine line between copying a picture and taking a general scene in a market, such as Bob has done. The legal process would have to define exactly whether that line has been crossed, or not. I say there is nothing wrong with Bob’s picture of the photographer with his work behind and I would certainly object if I was asked not to take this sort of picture.

  11. Richard: I can't believe we actually ate at that same restaurant. I wished your route would have been closer when you were heading south.
    I am not a PS user even though I have an older CS version. for that photo I used my Canon G10, RAW mode, files are about 16 meg, then did the curve/contrast on DPP (Canon Digital Photo Professional) updated to latest version 3.8 . I also just purchased a T2i (same as Chris) and the RAW files are 25 megs. I needed the camera for my big adventure next month

    BlueKat/Kari: You're right about storm clouds, they make for more interesting photos. We didn't like the thought of having to ride 180 miles back home in the rain.

    Charlie6: Hope, BC is just over 2 hours east of downtown Vancouver just to get to the foothills. Even if you go north it is 1-1/2Hrs to Whistler, half hour to Pemberton, then another 2 hours to Lillooet where you are in the middle of the mountains. Spectacular scenery but 8 hours round trip just to get there not counting food and photo stops. You are soo lucky

    Jack: Those who travel together, stay together. Through thick and thin, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health . . . you have had a lot of practice so you should know the rest

    Geoff: I am having a bit of a problem relating to your suggestion. Perhaps you could forward some detailed photos showing exactly how your contraction works, especially how the "apparatus" is connected and how tight of a seal is required.

    Sharon: Glad to have you back. I like your night shots too, so much in fact that I am going to attempt some myself soon. You're going to like your MF camera. It slows you down and makes you think more about composition and exposure settings. I also have some 4x5 equipment you can try when you come this way.

    Rosemary: I didn't realize you had so many lakes down there. We have also been to Granite City and Granite Falls. That Darrington Loop highway is a great road until you get to Monte Christo. I wanted to go there but I am not a hiker but we did manage to walk to the Ice Caves at big 4 mountain. You could feel the thermals even from half mile away. Thanks for visiting

    Edison: Thank you for stopping by. I am so envious of your weather and roads. It is nice to have another friend who also rides a V-strom, same colour as yours too. Your food photos make me hungry. There doesn't seem to be much traffic down there, unless you are taking backroads. Did you really take that unpaved road ? I would be afraid of Sand. I always look forward to your new posts and photos.

    Don't worry about your English, I don't know one word of Portugese