Sunday, August 8, 2010

To work and a BBQ

It was like any other Monday morning. I ride my scooter into the lane while I close the carport door. The sun was shining and it was an uneventful ride in the cool air


I twist and turn my way through the city, stopping, accelerating and finally I make my way to work . I park in my usual spot at work next to the large HD


Today everything felt a little different. I knew that this was my last commute using my Kymco X500Ri . It would be the last time I could look out my window and see this . . .


I am usually one of the last people to leave work . Doesn't my Kymco X500Ri look lonely parked all by itself. In about an hour from now my Xciting is going to be picked up by its new owner.

I did not advertise my scooter for sale but I did mention to a few people that I wasn't using it very much and would consider selling it. A few people expressed interest in it but decided to go in different directions. The day after I decided to insure and use it I received a call from Dan who wished to purchase it "sight unseen" . Of course I insisted that he at least come over and touch it. A deal was struck and he wanted to take delivery after work on Monday

Meet Dan


It is a very capable machine capable of transversing our great land from coast to coast. Dan is interested in taking a trip to Alberta and wanted to upgrade to a larger scooter.

We got our paperwork in order, chatted a bit and soon it was time to exchange licence plates. Here in British Columbia you are required to obtain your own insurance and registration. The plates do not transfer with the vehicle.


Soon it was time to say our farewells and Dan was ready to ride away. Here is my last glimpse of my Xciting 500Ri just before he rode away into the sunset


Dan, I know my scooter is in good hands. It has treated me very well and has given me some great memories. I hope that you will enjoy your scooter as much as I have.


Friday BBQ and ride to the Richmond Night Market:

Robert, the Reverend decided that he would host a charity BBQ and later, go for a scooter ride


Technically, I still have two scooters, plus the Suzuki Wee Strom, but I took the Strom. Urban Wasp (aka: Vespa Vancouver) matches the donations and Robert mans the BBQ. The BBQ was from 5pm-6:30p and I barely make it in time as I have to come from Coquitlam. He did manage to save me a smokie and beverage

After we are finished eating and the grill is cleaned and put away, we head over to our 2nd meetup point at Rideaway Motors (Kymco Dealer) to wait for more riders from the Urban Riders, who are an inclusive group of riders with bikes & scooters of all sizes.


Mark is already here with his Kymco Xciting 500Ri and soon Tony arrives on his Suzuki Bandit


Tony also has a Derbi scooter.


That`s Kevin`s Honda V45 Magna in the background. We haven`t seen Kevin for a couple of years since he rode his Yamaha BWS 125 across Canada.

Soon we were ready for our short trip to the Night Market where were excited about heading for their food fare.

Robert, the Reverend is our leader for the ride and he remarked that he is riding the smallest bike tonight, half are motorcycles


The Richmond Night Market is known for their food, we see lots and sample lots too


It is getting very busy and we can hardly make our way down the aisles because of the crowds. It is still early and it will get more crowded later in the night


Eating makes you thirsty and we soon settle for a couple of fruit drinks. This is Mark with his Mango smoothie


while I settled for a fresh strawberry smoothie .


  1. I guess you are learning to live like a normal, downsized, marginally economically able, middle class American. Fewer toys for all. Economic Depressions wreak havoc on all of us and Xting touys go first. How much d'you want for the Corvette?

  2. The Richmond night market looks like a wonderful destination. Lots of variety but also, lots of crowds.

    Nice finish to your series of posts about your scooter.

  3. I'm glad to see that selling the scooter hasn't put off your feed!

    ( that's cowboy for losing your appetite, by the way! )

  4. Knowing what I do know about you, I am sure that Dan is getting a finely maintained machine and that he will be very happy with it. That Kymco will serve him well. But I imagine it is sort of like saying goodbye to an old friend. Your last post was very nostalgic.
    Time marches on.

  5. Almost had a lump in my own throat Bob, so can guess how it was for you. However, you've got so many toys that I guess you can spend more time actually riding and driving them now, as opposed to patting them in the shed :-)

  6. It can be hard to say good by to old friends (including motorbikes,) but sometimes it's for the best. Hopefully the new owner will use it regularly.

  7. Its like giving one of your children away....

  8. Always sad to see an old friend go, but good to know it goes to a new, good home! Smoothies - Yum!

  9. Dear Bobskoot:

    One door closes and another opens. You'll have your hands on another bike in no time flat. I'm delighted it was stolen or in a wreck.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  10. Bobskoot, its best for the scooter to be sold and ridden more, than sitting lonely in the garage....At least, that's what I told myself when I traded the RT for the Ural....

  11. I felt no hesitation in offering to buy the Xciting site unseen from you Bob because with it comes your knowledge and love of riding. I knew I was buying a well cared for bike.
    Your ode to the bike is excellent and touching.
    If you ever want to take the bike for a ride I am just a coffee away.