Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Seven Bridges of Jacksonville

The Seven Bridges Scooter Club of Jacksonville, in preparation of our annual Seven Bridges Ride, had a test ride today.  The theme of the ride is to cross all seven bridges in Jacksonville that traverse the St. Johns River.  To make it more of a ride, this year we are including the Shands Bridge near Green Cove Springs, making the entire route approximately 85 miles,

It was cold (for North Florida) and misty for the entire ride.  Better weather coming soon.

I had ScooterBob, so he came along for the ride.

Shands Bridge near Green Cove Springs

Buckman Bridge, I-295 in Jacksonville.  THe bridge is 3 miles long.

Climbing the Fuller Warren Bridge, I-95 near downtown

The Acosta Bridge downtown

A stop at Friendship Fountain on the south bank downtown.  Russ, me and Karl

ScooterBob at the fountain with downtown across the river.

The Main Street Bridge Downtown

It lifts, so steel grating.

Heading to the Hart Bridge

On the Hart Bridge.

The big truss bridge with cables at the center span.

About to climb at the Mathews Bridge.

On the Mathews Bridge

Approaching the last, and largest bridge, the Broward Bridge, commonly called the Dames Point Bridge.  It is a very large cable stayed bridge.

On the Dames Point Bridge.

Back at the soon-to-be former scooter warehouse with Boris Loose, the best scooter mechanic around.  Boris is moving to Sanford near Orlando.  The 100 year old warehouse is in a fast growing part of town and will be demolished ti make way for apartments and retail soon.


  1. Oh, Bob would have liked it very much... on the road with a bunch of likeminded riders. Thanks, Bill for showing SB around.

  2. I liked the shot of Scooterbob in front of the fountain best....good angles.

  3. I've crossed some of those bridges many times, when we used to drive to Florida with the kids. It brings back fond memories.

  4. Who knew there were so many long bridges? Not me. :-)

    I'm with Charlie6. I liked the fountain shot best, too.