Sunday, January 17, 2016

Taking Snoopy back home to KSC.

It was time to return Snoopy to the Kennedy Space Center this weekend.  But because I had ScooterBob too, I brought him along too.

We rode the 175 miles from Jacksonville to Titusville, where I had dinner with Bob Arnold, the now retired Pad Rat.

Then on Saturday, Bob had arranged a special appearance at the space center where we had an escorted visit to the Saturn V and Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibits.

Me, Snoopy and ScooterBob in Titusville

ScooterBob at the Space Center

And with his friend Snoopy

We also met with a real astronaut, Rodolfo Neri Vela, who accepted Snoopy back to the center.

Rodolfo, Bob and Snoopy at the hand off.

Because it was Snoopy's day, ScooterBob stayed with my scooter, but had a good ride.


  1. Bill, Bob would have been in 7th heaven.

    What an experience! I am almost tempted to imagine ScooterBob wrangling a trip to the International Space Station in Snoopy's company.

    Simply epic! Nicely done.

    1. we would need to ensure that his bits don't float away in zero g!

    2. He has some loose bits. The front wheel came off again, so I will do a better repair before handing him off to Robert, Ken or Jim.

  2. That would have been something, ScooterBob in space...

  3. Going to KSC is always an adventure!

  4. What an adventure. Happy trails, Astronaut Snoopy! And I am sure that Bob's smiling somewhere...