Sunday, January 10, 2016

Scooter Bob in Georgia

Today, the Seven Bridges Scooter Club traveled to Darien, Georgia for our weekly Sunday ride.  Seven left Bojangles at 9:00, eight if you include Bob.

We met up with the fine group we call the Georgia Boyz at Steffens in Kingsland, Georgia.  Five more joined us there, including two new riders, Anna and Chris.

This narrow bridge crosses the St. Mary's River.  Georgia is on the north bank.

ScooterBob on my Honda at Steffens

Heading up the Sidney Lanier Bridge near Brunswick

From there we went to Darien for lunch at B&J's Seafood.

The gang and ScooterBob at B&J's

Chris and Anna, the new riders.

I got some nice photos from the 200 mile ride..


  1. Nice to see the gang with ScooterBob!

    That bridge to Georgia reminds me of a bridge in the Adirondacks right near Jim's favorite spot by the shallow falls.

  2. All places I've not been but I'm very pleased that Scooter Bob is making these rounds. I DO know what to do in front of a Fresh Shrimp shop and wish that I could ride 200 miles to one.

  3. Love the group photo! Looks like a fun group and a lovely ride.