Friday, February 26, 2016

Scooter Bob and I hit the mean streets

Always helpful, Scooter Bob checks out my new kitchen tiles.

"Yes, Scooter Bob?"

"You know that these tiles are heavy right?   Given the fact that I'm really beat up and broken from traveling all over the world I'm surprised you're putting me to work.  Plus I'm a wooden scooter, no arms...makes moving these things difficult.  NOT that I don't appreciate your hospitality and all."


"I wanna get out and ride, raise a little hell."

"Scooter Bob I thought you were a quiet introvert!  Ok, we'll go.   Just remember to put on all your gear.  ATTGATT or nothing my friend!"

ATGATT for Bob is bubblewrap and packing peanuts wherever he goes
I decide to take Scooter Bob in and around Tampa some.  I would show him some of the more interesting sights in my hometown of Zephyrhills and then take a gentle tack towards Tampa.  It's about a 40 minute ride into "the Big Guava" depending on traffic and the route I take.   I figured it be good for us to ride Bayshore Boulevard for a bit.   That has some fantastic views of the city and the water as well as some lovely historic homes.  Maybe depending on the time we stop in Ybor City and introduce him to a friend or two of mine.   If time permitted I might show him some other things.  I never really know where Kimmie will take, us.

"STOP!" Scooter Bob yelled in my ear as I screeched to a stop.  He was off the bike in a flash and standing at a door.

"So what's this?  Where does it lead?"

"Zephyrhills is fill of little tiny doors Scooter Bob.  Some are more decorative than others.  No one knows who does them or why they are there.   Some times they show up, Sometimes they don't.  People will sometimes leave little notes or clues to where the next one is hidden."

"Cool, a mystery."

"So anyway Bob I know you have a love of old machines and cars.  I'm thinking about showing you something else.  This place is full of antique farm equipment and such.  I think the owner makes art out of of it.  It's on the way to Tampa so we'll stop and check it out.  I've never stopped there before so it might be fun."

A few moments later our intrepid pair arrives.

"Oh darn it's closed  I suppose I could jump the fence!"

"You know you're more of a daredevil than I thought Scooter Bob...and no, your not jumping the fence.  Get down off of that!"

It would not take us long to get into Tampa directly.   I thought I would take a leisurely ride up Bayshore Blvd and show him the famed Onion domes of the University of Tampa.

"Very cool Rob."

"At one time Scooter Bob that used to be the Plant Hotel, named after Henry B Plant a railroad magnate, and dates back to 1891.  He almost singlehandedly made Florida what it is today.  During the Spanish American war this served at Teddy Roosevelt's and the rough riders headquarters.  A variety of writers and celebrities stayed there as well."

"How do you know so much about history?"

"I love to read and have a great respect for the past....their is also a historical marker behind you."

"Oh.   You were saying something about a ride up Bayshore Blvd which overlooks the water and the city?  And something about a UFO?"

"Sadly Bob that needs to wait for a few days.   I'm afraid were out of time right now."

"Bummer, but I'm looking forward to what you got planned.   I'm just worried that you'll get me in trouble with my wife.  I heard you and Bill talking about having a mermaid kiss me."

"All in do time my friend."


  1. Great post Rob. I am pleased to see that you and the little guy are getting along. Plenty of cool things to see around your place. Have fun!

  2. Yes, great post....those tiny doors are cool. Grew up in Miami, never visited I have a taste of it.

  3. Very curious, where you will take him next. Oh my, the weather looks beautiful.

  4. Wow Rob, that was very cool. Tiny doors! That is a first for me.