Sunday, February 21, 2016

Scooter Bob's short visit.

Scooter Bob came to visit me last week for a few days.  He was so busy that I did not even get to get a picture before he moved on down the road on his adventure.  David was supposed to pick him up, but he failed to show and though Bob was disappointed he was happy that his good friend Bill came to save the day. Bob and I visited a few places but he hid in the bag around all the Harley guys, and he might have been a little hung over.
I waved goodbye as Bill and Bob left to go visit Scooter Bob's next friend.

Some places Scooter Bob visited.......

Big Red was fueled and pointed out the door for David to take Scooter Bob on his next adventure. Sadly the airlines stiff armed poor David.


  1. Nice post Ken!

    You win the prize for quickest, most efficient, most intriguing ScooterBob host.

    Thanks so much for joining in.

    I'll add you to the official list ex post facto as lawyers sometimes say.