Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Oyster Tour

This past weekend, Ken Wilson (Lostboater) arranged a new Oyster Tour.  It included me, Jim Mandle (ADKJim) and Gary Kinney (Captain Gary).

I met Jim in Perry on Saturday morning, from where we rode to Lynn's Quality Oysters in Eastpoint, where Ken and Gary awaited our arrival.

Four scooters in front of Lynn's Quality Oysters.  Ken and Jim in photo.

These are the wonderful raw oysters served inside.  Apalachicola Bay is currently closed, so these came from Texas

There, we had some raw oysters and steamed shrimp to hold us for the ride to Port St. Joe.

Gary, Jim and Ken in Port St. Joe

Scooter Bob at the hotel parking lot.

Scooter Bob with Ken's helmet

After getting settled in Port St. Joe, I wanted to ride up to Mexico Beach, where we found a great spot for a few photos of the little wooden scooter.

Scooter Bob at Mexico Beach

And another facing forward

Me, Scooter Bob's humble host.

On Sunday, the four of us headed to Cedar Key in what turned out to be a nearly 300 mile ride after several side trips and stops.

At St Joseph Peninsula State Park

We checked in to the hotel and had dinner at Tony's, famous for its chowder.  Gary had fun with the server and everyone was entertained.

This morning, I handed Scooter Bob off to Ken, his new handler.  Ken hasn't been on the list yet, but will be a fine host.

Ken at the Port St. Joe hotel Tiki Bar.


  1. It's good to read the continuing adventures of little scooterbob. I notice he's picked up a huge hole in his front fender, it was only small when I had him. Travelling around the world in a box must be taking its toll.

    1. The wood is very fragile now. Must be dry with little tensile strength remaining. There is an accompanying bag of broken pieces. I repaired the front wheel, twice, but have left a rubber band on it, luckily hidden by the fender, to hold it together. It will survive the trip, but not without a few dings along the way.

  2. Bill, you were an awesome host. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. So good, to see ScooterBob riding in such fine weather. And he sure loves a beach ;-)

    1. Thank you Sonja, It was fun having the little guy here. The beach is such an integral part of the area, I felt it fitting to get plenty of photos there. The river too, luckily in good weather.

  3. Nice write up. Bob would have loved this little adventure.

  4. Bill, I've slowly read through your Post 3 times now, letting the sunshine and warmth soak through me and it's not even that wintery around here right now.

    Thank you!