Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Hubby Rocks

I love my Hubby.

There are many, MANY reasons why. But they're not all appropriate for me to expound upon here. Instead, I'll show you one reason.

The last time you saw ScooterBob he looked like this...

Broken. Miscellaneous pieces detached, but, fortunately, most of those bits were saved.

In the post where I shared that pic, I revealed that my Hubby had agreed to make some much-needed repairs. I figured you all might have been a tad worried, so I said, "Have no fear... My Hubby is a magician with wood. After carefully examining the pieces, Hubby said, 'Well, he's not a total loss. I can fix him.'"

And fix him, he did.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Drum roll, please...

Ready to ride once again.
I knew Hubby would do a good job. He's not a half-assed, "that's good enough" kind of guy. He may not agree that ScooterBob is perfect -- Hubby is his own harshest critic -- but I think dear ole SB looks fabulous.

Am I right?

And now, because I love to tell stories with pictures, I have to share some images I captured of the work in progress. Followed by more "after" shots.

His rear-end was a mess. (Can you hear Bob chuckling?)

The front-end wasn't much better.

Mike at work. 

What the fork? (Couldn't resist!)

How fitting that the new STEERING COLUMN is a kebob skewer.

I was so tickled that Hubby took on this project, I couldn't even
complain about him using my good scissors in the workshop.

He even added some shiny bling. A chrome-like farkle for SB!

Repairs made with loving care.

It did look a bit scary at times, which is why I resisted the very-strong urge to share progress pics with y'all.

Check out the "after" shots.

Refurbished Front-end

Restored Rear-End (The wheel even turns!)


Our little friend is whole again.

Right Profile

Left Profile
Mike really does rock, doesn't he?

He hates that I actually called him "ToadPapa" in public. So I changed the original post. I won't do it again. Since Brandy and/or Brad came up with that moniker, which they shared with us during our recent, memorable meet-up in Centralia, Washington, I figured it would be fitting to use it here in at least ONE post.

And now... it's International Female Ride Day, which means it is time to RIDE!


  1. That is fantastic work! ToadPapa is a very patient man.... with woodworking too ;)
    Thanks for sharing the work in progress photos. Good job Mike!

    1. Thanks, Brad. And yes, I read between the lines on the patient thing. I would've gotten that even without the wink because I know it is true. He puts up with a lot of shenanigans. LOL.

  2. Looking good SB. Ready for another couple of laps of the globe....

  3. Thank You Mike! THe little guy didn't look that bad when he left me, but was definitely showing some wear. The freshening looks great.

    1. Bill, all good adventure riders accumulate some scrapes when on global jaunts. 😄

  4. Nice work! Where does the GoPro plug in?

  5. It is a good job, I did feel kind of bad shipping him on with the rear wheel the way it was. I'm not sure when that happened, but I'm glad we were able to get him to the right guy.

    1. Please don't feel bad. It required special tools and talents. Besides, you provided the perfect package for his jaunt around Virginia in my trunk.

  6. Wow what en excellent repair job hubby did. Two thumbs up. Andrews right he's now ready for another couple of laps of the globe. Long live scooterbob.

  7. Replies
    1. Mike hated "ToadPapa" so much that I edited the post. 😄

  8. Good job! Maybe Mike could make a replica for us to share in Europe?

    1. Nikos, he has a long list of projects and most enjoys building big stuff, like furniture.

    2. I didn't specify what size ScooterBob Europe edition might be!

  9. I am amazed. Amazed that the little wooden scooter has even survived the travels, amazed at the care the little guy got from so many of you, and AMAZED at Mike's repair job, that is truly a restoration. ScooterBob is truly now fit for another lap of the globe.

    Nikos, when we're done with the current US / Canada tour, let us know if you want another European lap.

    1. I vote for another European jaunt. 😄

    2. Absolutely why not? Especially now all his bits are on!

  10. Kathy, Mike is definitely a keeper. What a wonderful handiwork, and the adventure continues...

  11. Great job Mike!! There was never any doubt in my mind he could fix it up. Nicely done.