Friday, February 15, 2013

Galiano Island: Part Deux

We decided to rent a cabin for an extended weekend. 

It is self contained BnB: Bed 'n Breakfast called the Tree House  (info Here).   Because it was November it was a bit chilly but we had a jacuzzi to keep us warm.   The property has two cabins, a main house and a sauna building

It was very private but you had to walk down the hill and light it up yourself

This is what it looks like inside.   We didn't light it up but now that I look at these photos I am tempted to go back there just to use it .   As mentioned before we drove on the only road farther up the Island and came to a pier.

    Looking South

Galiano is known more for their cliffs and rocks, rather than nice sandy beaches

There is not much of a shoreline and the currents are treacherous.  This is part of the section that goes through Active Pass known for rip tides, whirlpools and fast flowing water.   This is the route that the BC Ferries takes on their way from Tsawwassen to Victoria

Along the south coast of Galiano you come to a park

called the Bluffs, because it is on a Bluff overlooking Active Pass (next photo)

What luck to see a BC Ferries in the "pass", the part between the two Islands (Mayne & Galiano) .  We were running out of food options so we decided to have dinner at the Hummingbird Pub 

and wouldn't you know that it started to snow.   Driving here in the dark is not like driving in the city.   There are no street lights and no one to plow the roads.  Also there are ditches on both sides of the road in some spots.   Lucky we had AWD as we nearly couldn't navigate the road back to our cabin.  Wet snow is very slippery without much traction

We actually noticed this car on our way "home" but took this photo the next morning as we were heading toward the Ferry terminal on our way back to the City.   We didn't think it wise to stop in a snow storm on a dark road on a curve.    This car actually belonged to our hosts of the BnB.

Here is the Terminal.   That lonely car ahead (Subaru WRX) is ours.   There is no one else here

I saved the best for last.   When we were investigating places to stay here on Galiano, I wanted to stay at the Cliff House but it was booked for part of the time and we didn't feel like moving our stuff.   But on our last morning there I noticed that the people must have left the day before and it was empty so naturally we went over to check it out

Here is your private deck overlooking the water.   Notice the snow on the deck.   It must be a nice place to stay during the Summer.   Disclaimer:  No !  I have nothing to do with this place.
but I wouldn't mind staying here the next time

   The Cliff House, Galiano Island, BC

The main floor has the kitchen and eating area, plus a room for you to relax and read.   The single bedroom is on the upper level with windows all around.    It seems like a very unique place


  1. What a wonderful place to stay. Both places looked nice and they have a hot tub as well as a sauna. It looked like perfect weather for them. The icy roads don't look like much fun but it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    1. Richard:

      it is hard to relax when you are used to emails, text messages and browsing the internet but we knew they had no Net and no TV so we were in "forced to relax" mode.

      the snow storm was a surprise. After we left Galiano we went over to Saltspring Island and we saw cars in ditches too. We went to Ganges for lunch.

  2. Wouldn't it have been a bit cold for you to use that sauna?

    Looks like a wonderful place, very unique indeed.

    As I grew up on beaches and lakes I find that kind of rough and ready cliff landscape so much more interesting and beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing it Bob :)

    1. Brenda:

      I think if we had lite up the burner it would have gotten hot very fast but we didn't use it. We did give our Hot Tub a work out though.

      I wouldn't mind going back in the Summer, sit on the deck and just stare at the water

  3. That cliff house looks pretty cool.

    I think it would be great for storm watching, but you'd have to make sure you brought enough food and supplies.

    1. Trobairitz:

      We went to Ucluelet one March a few years ago and it was pouring rain all weekend. We walked the Wild Pacific Trail and the waves were crashing onto the shore. I have a video on Youtube somewhere . . .

      There is one general store on the Island but with a limited selection. If you go to SaltSpring island they have regular grocery stores

  4. That is a beautiful area and the lodgings look great. A sauna would be irresistible!

    I love the cabin and that little Japanese lantern near by. What a charming place. It seems only on the west coast do places like this exist. Very creative. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Martha:

      We started to rent cabins a few years ago and try to get something on the waterfront or with a beach. We thought that we would have better memories of our vacation even if it cost a bit more. Before we go anywhere I usually try to check it out on the internet and that's how I found this place. When we went to Tofino we rented a cabin right on MacKenzie beach and the Ocean was only 30 ft away.

  5. Unique, beautiful and I feel like making a reservation for next weekend. Oh, did I mention beautiful?? 'looks like Paradise to me!

    1. Coop

      Time for you to plan a trip out here someday soon. If I am free, I can show you around but make it during July, August or early September. That is our best time of year. June is iffy in the interior and there may still be snow in the mountains.

  6. very cool, indeed. I had never heard of that place and had to ask Chris where it was....:-). Looks like an idea I might get when we finally make it back to BC.

    1. Pat:

      When we originally bought our scooters, the plan was to explore our Gulf Islands but we never did it so when I was checking them out on the internet we chose Galiano. I don't think the other islands are set up for tourists either but you can rent a cabin and just relax for a few days.

      Hope all is okay with your family back home.

    2. Thanks for sharing that Bob. I'd like to spend a few nights at the cliff house.

  7. What a great place. The West Coast does have some nice scenery…. I just never see the Sun in any of the pictures.
    Tell me it does come out once in a while.
    Ciao, Mike.

    1. Mike:

      You must have some unique places on your Coast too, it's just that you seem them all the time and don't think about it. You need to look with Tourist eyes, not Local eyes.

      Of course we have Sun out here, it is always shining but on the other side of the clouds

  8. If you're dling re-runs how about a secone dlook at Point Roberts? An anomaly with none of the charm of the islands on either side of the border.

    1. Mr Conchscooter:

      I'm only doing re-runs, sort of because I lost my previous image provider Webshots, whom shut down. So all of my images are lost, years of work down the drain. It was like a Diary like you but now I have nothing to look back upon.

      They were hiring lots of 911 dispatchers up here to expand our 911 system. You would have fit in perfectly. Sometimes I wished that you lived a bit closer