Sunday, July 24, 2016

First Public Appearance - Minnesota

How else but with the Helix?  At 5:30 I was on the road, vents on my Darien closed and darn, did it feel pleasant to be cool.  Weather around here lately has been hot and from the news reports I've been hearing, we here in the upper Midwest aren't the only ones experiencing hotter-than-body temps.

Hazy sun upon arrival, ScooterBob was feeling frisky in the 7AM breezes and happy, I hope, to be at Diamond's in Minneapolis.

Thanks for the proof that we were there Mike

"My best side??" showing off.....

Only a handful of those First Class folks I referred to......

We were colorful yesterday morning; Mike's red Helix and my yellow one worked well with Gary's green BMW.

There was some tail sniffing amidst this gathering of international rides/machines and it seemed that everyone got along fairly well.  There were machines present that were definitely older than the wooden scooter but I seriously doubt that any of them have more accumulated miles.

Thunderstorms were predicted for mid to late afternoon but by 9 AM the skies were looking a bit darker towards home (for reference, 9AM is NOT mid-afternoon).  Jeff, always looking to improve my situation, upon looking at my yellow Helix strongly encouraged me once home to at least give it a washing.  With an eye to the sky, I assured him that with a potential rainy ride home, any necessary washing may just take care of itself.

We got washed and even better, some detailing done as well though our driveway that was discussed a couple of days ago wasn't in the best condition for a USA Helix.  On balance, mostly a cleaning win though below the axles, not a lot of improvement.

Just look at that shine!!

Warm, snug and dry in here though......

(no ice cream yesterday)


  1. No ice cream? Well there's always tomorrow...

  2. SB showing off. Love the shadow pic.

    1. Sonja, I'll make sure to let Mike know. He saw the opportunity and offered encouragement.

  3. Coop, I also liked the shadow picture. So you're still getting rain. We've had threats and yesterday it even clouded over and sprinkled a bit but still dry, dry, dry and hot!

  4. Thanks, Mike gets credit for recognizing and suggesting the photo. No rain since Saturday even though some was predicted. Sounds like we'll get some overnight, probably tomorrow. We now could use some more with our hot days.

  5. The shadow pic is my favorite, too.

    1. Thanks Kathy, there was bright early morning sunshine there and it would have been a shame to not take advantage of it.